Weekend marriages are marriages wherein the spouses meet each other only during the weekends. They live separately during the weekdays. It has been suggested that this form of living situation makes for a healthier marriage.

Reasons Behind Weekend Marriages

Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities. One has to make way for another person in their life and adjust and compromise for the marriage to be successful. This can lead to a loss of independence. Maybe this is why people are opting out of the marriage path.

Weekend marriages are a middle ground between remaining single and being in a compromising relationship. The spouses spend their time apart during the weekdays, living their individual lives, and focusing on their work and personal responsibilities.

They act like a married couple during the weekends when the stress of their professional lives does not usurp their focus from each other. The concept is very simple: individual lives during the weekdays and shared lives during the weekends.

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Such marriages have been a growing trend in Japan and couples have claimed that focusing on their work, hobbies, and interests during the week and on their spouses during the weekends have made them feel independent in committed relationships. They look after themselves and this creates less stress for the partners.

Will Weekend Marriages Work In India?

India has always been a culturally family-oriented society. It is only now that urban couples have started living on their own, away from the patriarchal family. That too is a rarity.

The concept of weekend marriages does not seem doable in a developing country where people anyway work very hard to make ends meet. The cost of living in two places for the sake of independence in marriage does not seem doable or practical, economically speaking.

In addition to the fiscal factors, such a marriage system will create unnecessary stress for the children in the equation. A lot of factors come into play when children are involved.

Maybe this could work for the coming generations but for now, it seems to be impractical. What do you think of this system of living? Do you agree? Let us know in the comment section.

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