New Delhi (India), June 26: Zixdo is the largest and first chain to provide four-wheeler cleaning and detailing service at the doorsteps of customers in India and is now looking to provide these services to areas in South Asia. The company has just established one of its franchise setups in Dehradun to help vehicle owners who face time and traffic constraints in taking their vehicles for service. This franchise which is co-owned by the company and Mr. Ranveer, started functioning on the 15th of May. The concept of doorstep cleaning may seem to be a completely new and difficult task, but Zixdo has transformed it into a reality. 

Zixdo is the subsidiary of which is the largest in the gadget repair sector. The experts of the company have framed a systematic plan for the functioning of the company and have invested a lot of effort to bring it a success. Reducing the challenges of vehicle owners was the primary focus of the company. By providing such services at the doorsteps of the customers, Zixdo has saved a lot of unproductive hours for customers, along with getting the work done. 

The online platform, which has been recently launched by the company, has facilitated booking the services at any time, which was earlier limited to working hours through the company’s toll-free number. Other than getting the services at the doorsteps, another advantage is that the technicians ensure that the surrounding environment remains untouched. The technicians and high-end portable machines hold the responsibility to work at the ground level. 

As an owner of more than 120 franchises, Zixdo is welcoming more business partners open-heartedly with a promise to provide initial aid and assistance. Interested people can reach them through the website.



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