Abhyuday is the social body of IIT Bombay which aims at sensitizing the youth towards the issues plaguing the society. It is the largest student social body across India that works with the vision to channelize youth towards India’s social challenges.

As a part of their efforts to promote Social Entrepreneurship among the youth of India, Abhyuday is organizing the ‘Action Plan Competition’, which is a 6-month long social entrepreneurship competition in which they ask teams to develop the startup in different social sectors.

Abhyuday started 8 years back, with a group of socially inclined students who felt the need for a body, which provides opportunities to the students of the institute who wish to work for a better society.

With a vision to channelize the youth towards India’s social challenges, Abhyuday has established itself as one of the country’s largest student-run social bodies in the mere span of 8 years.

The notion of human beings has always been to think and a bigger goal in their life. In the midst of that pursuit, they have intentionally or unintentionally raised some social issues that in turn stand in their way to success.

The team believes that young minds hold the key to solving numerous challenges that have plagued our society for so long. It’s the need of time to channelize this energy in the right direction which can definitely change the lives of people around us.

Abhyuday 2021-22 brings to you, Action Plan: the social entrepreneurship competition of Abhyuday, IIT Bombay, where they help such startups convert their idea into a scalable business model.

It revolves around the 3I’s mantra: Ideate – Innovate – Implement. Spread across 20+ states, this nationwide competition takes the participating teams through multiple stages, starting from identifying a specific problem through stakeholder interaction, progressing to engage with stakeholders and organizations in developing a solution, and validating those ideas in the society for further improvement.

In order to fulfil these dreams, Abhyuday IIT Bombay brings together the brightest from colleges, the best from corporate, the learnt from academia and the experienced from NGOs and creates a platform where young minds are nurtured to create solutions that have the potential to bring about grass-root level changes. Started in 2012, it has rapidly expanded and last year reached to around 700+ teams of 2000+ different colleges in 50+ cities across India.

Action Plan happens in three stages.

The registration will start from the 29th of September and will end by 5th November. After that 20% of teams will be selected in the second stage, this year they will be providing an advanced entrepreneurship boot camp to all the participants of Action Plan and also they will be given opportunities to prepare their elevation pitch with the help of top accelerator mentors of India.

This year’s Action plan is going bigger with prizes worth 15 lakhs, mentorship, funding opportunities, incubation opportunities, networking opportunities, startup services, media coverage and many more incentives.

“Sequence of steps that must be taken, or activities that must be performed well, for a strategy to SUCCEED”: ACTION PLAN

The past 1.5 years showed us how difficult times call for extreme measures and how little and huge organizations all around the world are suffering due to the crisis. Action Plan is not just another competition, it is a celebration of ideas and learning that each and every one of us has ever had.

Their main aim is to help you realise that your idea, no matter however big or small, holds the power to become the next big thing in the market that would create a real impact on the society

To Apply: Click here

Website: https://actionplan.abhyudayiitb.org/

To know more about Abhyuday follow on Instagram: iitbombay_abhyuday

Participation deadline: 5th November

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