“Marks don’t matter”

Every year, right before the board results are out, you will find people harping on this fact. From teachers, parents, public figures, celebrities, and of course all the famous ‘Sharma Jis’ of every colony – it’s a joint campaign across all mediums.

But over the years, the cut-offs have been skyrocketing. Under such circumstances, not paying any heed to marks isn’t probably the soundest advice, is it?

Should Marks Define Us?

Being a student myself, I have been through the stressful period of awaiting my board results. I wouldn’t deny the fact that at that point, it seemed like the only thing that evaluated my worth and a whole lot of my future was dependent on it.

Students go through an extremely stressful period trying to reach their set-goals, i.e. to score high

But as I look back now, the picture has changed. Marks are just a numerical value that tells us the amount of bookish knowledge acquired in school that we can reproduce on paper within a fixed time frame.

To make that the sole criteria for determining one’s career doesn’t do justice to one’s potential and skills. While bookish knowledge is important, as the tradition has been since times immemorial, practical knowledge has a higher value in today’s world.

You stand out for being you and not just because of your marks. Gone are the days when medical and engineering were the only two fields that one had to make their way into to prove their worth.

Career opportunities have been widening with each passing day. And the best part is – now you can pursue your passion as your career too.

I say both

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What About The Cut-Offs?

The problem however that remains is that life isn’t always as hunky-dory as we want it to be. We live in a world where there is a constant rat-race for the best of places and roles – be it academically or career-wise.

Advancements in the fields of information and technology have made data more accessible. As a result, the competition has risen and become cut-throat to an extent where there is no elbow space for an individual to catch up.

And with such intense exposure comes higher expectations – the will to break away from the cuckoo’s nest and explore the plethora of opportunities that lie beyond.

As Anne Bishop had put it “Everything has a price. It’s just what you are willing to pay for it.” In this case, one needs the marks to be able to pursue their higher education in a standard institution with a qualified faculty and a holistic curriculum.

This month St. Stephen’s, one of the highly esteemed educational institutes of India, released their first cut-offs. It comes in as no surprise that they want the crème-de-la crème of the student population. After all, they too have a reputation to maintain.

One among the many subjects that have a 99.25% cut-off for the general category at St.Stephen’s this year

Moreover, we have reached a place today where students have been working hard and earning the perfect score even in their board exams – a concept that was alien to the previous generations. I remember my father having joked about my class 12 board percentage being the total of all his high school percentages.

These scores have shot up through the roof and to keep up, institutions have been increasing their cut-offs accordingly. That is a ripple effect.

And despite DU cut-offs being this high, every year a good portion of the student population wait to take admission there. 

Having said that, there is no denying that student life doesn’t limit itself to these mere two-digit numbers. After all, numerous influential entrepreneurs across the world are but college drop-outs.

But in the 21st century, amidst such maddening competition and a rush to reach the top, you do have to stand out when it comes to your marks. Even today, people do need to mention their marks on their CVs.

It’s a certificate that validates your knowledge in certain specific fields. The practice probably is baseless, but nonetheless continues to be the tradition.

Thus marks may not define your career, but they sure help to give you a kick-start in the very beginning. 

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