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Credit Consulting Company Working Queens Financial Solutions Helps Clients Maintain Credit During the Pandemic


Startup Fortune, November 4, 2020: Despite continued uncertainty created by the COVID19 pandemic, Houston based credit consulting firm founded by financial specialist Quannesia Thomas  helps people reduce financial stress.

Popular Texas credit consulting service Working Queens is a business that was founded in 2018 by Quannesia Thomas. The company was supposed to be only for the family and friends of the owner. However, in the year 2019, Ms. Thomas decided to go full time with an intention to help as many people as possible. She wanted to help them become more financially free and also literate. 

With her firm, the primary goal of Ms. Thomas is to educate every individual and show them how to break spending habits and remain in a stable situation. During the last few months, people across the United States have suffered from the global Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, Working Queens is trying to help people maintain their financial stability in these hard times. 

The company provides a full detailed credit analysis for free. During the process, the company will check if you are qualified or not. If someone is qualified for their Credit Restoration then they will help with the removal of inaccurately reporting negative marks on the credit reports. They promise that the whole process will take around 4-9 months on average. In this time, they promise a full detailed credit analysis, unlimited disputes, customer service, monthly updates, and a personalized plan. 

But who is the woman behind this company? Quannesia Thomas explains that she was not taught much about credit. Like many other people she did not know how they work and how they would affect her in the long term. No one told her the important meaning of financial literacy. Throughout her early adulthood, she struggled with staying financially stable. Ms. Thomas needed a cosigner until she was 22. Until the age of 26, she did not learn from her mistakes and continued with her unhealthy spending habits. At this stage, she decided to change and also create a better life for her children. Soon the reaping benefits of instant approval began to show. Today she is trying to ensure that all of her clients enjoy the same luxuries. 

All in all, the consulting company Working Queens is trying to help people, who did not learn how to spend and save money properly. Especially in the times of the Coronavirus people are losing their jobs and have to change their lifestyle. The CEO and founder Quannesia Thomas is trying her best to assist clients, in these tough times.

More details about their credit services can be found at: 


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