Melania and Donald Trump’s relationship is like one of those where the school’s most popular girl has been forced by her teacher to sit with the class creep.

Half of the time their interaction, especially ever since Trump became the President have been laden with discomfort and awkwardness. Where Melania it seems, tries to keep as much of a distance between them as possible, Trump on the other hand, tries to portray them as the perfect couple in love in front of the cameras.

Don’t Know How Melania Got Into This

To be honest, half the time I feel bad for the woman who has been shoved into this role without any kind of guidance around her.

We don’t really know how Melania came to be in this situation, whether it be her own ambitions to be the wife of an uber rich guy or maybe she genuinely was in love with him.

But one way or another, fate has brought her to this position where she is one the most important women in the world. And low or high IQ, it seems like she is trying her best to fulfill the expectations of the world around her.

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Not Totally Evil

Also, we should keep in mind that maybe, just maybe, she is not entirely evil like Trump. Not saying she is without faults, but somehow they pale in front of what her husband is doing to his country.

Last month Melania even launched an anti-bullying campaign to tackle childhood bullying and addressed the criticism and allegations of being a hypocrite she got for her husband’s obviously opposite acts of bullying others.

At a White House tech Summit, she said that “I’m well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic,” and added how “I have been criticised for my commitment to tackling this issue and I know that will continue.”

She apparently also liked a tweet from her personal account that mocked President Trump. It was later explained away as someone else having liked it and that the First Lady had no hand in it.

Respect For The Woman Though

However, be what it may, she does get respect from women for fulfilling her responsibility as a First Lady yet not letting that stop her from keeping her self-respect.

Because, even if not said out loud, it is not hidden how strained the Trump couple’s relationship must be with body language and awkward public display of affections saying it all.

She certainly gets respect from women for putting up with the idiot of her husband and we can imagine how he must treat her considering his affairs, views on women and overall doesn’t exactly seem like a great husband from any angle.

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Between all that and the position she has, she’s still trying to maintain her self-respect and has made it abundantly clear several times that this fake PDA is not needed nor is something she is comfortable doing.

Here are some proofs of times when Melania was not in the mood for putting a fake display of affection:

In one of the first instances of Trump acting like an inconsiderate husband, ahead of the inauguration Trump and Melania visited the White House for a traditional tea and meeting. Trump very clearly walked out of the car without waiting for Melania or helping her out of the car.

During their first dance as President and First Lady, it was noted by several sources that Melania seemed stiff and uncomfortable, choosing to keep her face just a bit away from Trump’s.

Last year in May, President Trump and his wife Melania visited Tel Aviv. But it was when they had just arrived and stepped off the plane that Trump while walking put his hand behind him for Melania to take it. However, she swatted it away very lightly and as per a body language expert Patti Wood, it could mean she didn’t want to be treated like a child.

About 2 months ago, Melania Trump made her first public appearance after allegation arose that the President apparently paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep their affair private while Melania was pregnant with their first child. Making her entrance separately from the President at the State of The Union address, it was a bit surprising to see her sitting down while the rest rose to give Trump a standing ovation.

The latest one would be one that occurred just yesterday when the First Lady and the President were welcoming the French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte, to the White House for their first state visit.

Here, Trump obviously tries to take Melania’s hand in several attempts, but each time is shrugged off. However, eventually, she does place her hand in his.

And after all this, does this not remind you of our dear typical Indian husbands?

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Sources: Harper’s BazaarThe Independent,  The Telegraph 

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