Just like a usual person’s morning, my morning also starts with some serious decision-making.

No, I don’t make important company decisions. My decisions are as simple as deciding what outfit to wear to work today, what to eat and most importantly what face wash to use today.

Yes, you read that correctly. I jump-start my morning by choosing one face wash from my collection of six. I did not give this choosing ritual of mine much heed until I discovered that I was OBSESSED.

I was obsessed with hoarding beauty products. I had six face washes, multiple sunscreens, seven mists and numerous lipsticks/eyeliners. I literally had so much on my dresser that I could start a beauty channel of my own (#AllHailHudaBeauty).

It finally started to hit me that, this compulsive hoarding habit of mine had taken up way too much space on my shelves and my life.  Mark Zuckerberg wears the same grey shirt each day to avoid too many decisions during the day and here I was with too many decisions on my plate.

When one becomes aware that he/she has a problem, one tries to turn inward and think of the cause. So, I decided to do the same. No, I did not move to the Himalayas for this, a cup of Joe and a place to sit was all that I needed.

The Real Culprit…

After some serious soul searching, it occurred to me, that my compulsive desire to buy these beauty products stems from the beauty standards that have been pushed down my throat all these years.

Since childhood, these television commercials have rooted in me, a strong desire to be beautiful. They have worshipped people who have clear skins and smell like a garden, I mean the society wants all of us to either be fair and lovely or fair and handsome.


All the products they advertise, not just cleanse your skin or make you smell good, sometimes they even attract the opposite sex to you. All the lads go crazy over women who have absolutely no blemishes and all the ladies are on the hunt for men who smell good.

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Marketers even go to the extent of associating personality values like confidence to their products. Sometimes they even use emotional manipulation to sell their products. They will hit on those insecurities to shove their product down your throat.

Mindful Consumerism To The Rescue…

I finally understood that the way out of this is to be a mindful consumer and not to go overboard with products. It’s time that I buy that product only if I need it, not because it will make me fit the ideal standard of beauty.

I have decided to breakup with this compulsive habit of mine. I no longer want to hoard multiple cosmetics, I just want to have a minimal collection. I do not want to shop the newly launched product, hoping that maybe this time it will work.

I want to buy products that suit my skin type, products that will just do their damn job. I no longer want to stay in this toxic relationship with beauty products.

So yeah, this is it. My secret affair with beauty products is exposed and I am already ready for a new one. An affair with self-love.

Do you think you have a secret affair with these products as well? Do expose it in the comments down below.

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