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How To Choose A Travel Insurance For Your Grandparents & Senior Citizens


Age is but a state of mind. Choosing the right travel insurance policy will go a long way in helping you explore the world no matter how old you are. However, with so many policies available in the market it can be a daunting task to find a policy that suits your needs.

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Here are some factors to consider before you sign up for any travel insurance.


Length of Your Stay

A critical aspect that you need to consider to choose the right policy is the duration of your vacation. The longer the stay, higher are your chances of falling ill or getting injured. Make sure that you opt for a policy which gives you all the coverage you may need for as long as possible. Most companies offer policies with an insurance cover of 180 days, after which you may extend your travel cover for another 180 days depending on the policy terms and conditions.

Pre-existing Ailments

Sometimes, travel insurance policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, BP, and others. Look for a policy that allows you to claim benefits for your pre-existing medical conditions.

Illness or Accidents

As you grow older, your immunity decreases gradually. Your policy should cover up any unforeseen medical emergency you might end up with when you’re in a different country. Some policies let you claim insurance in case of an unfortunate circumstance like the death of the person insured to cover the expenses of bringing the dead body back to the insured person’s country. In fact, if you’re registered under ICICI Lombard’s Senior Citizen Travel Insurance, your family member can visit you and have their boarding and lodging expenses taken care of if there’s an emergency medical condition. Make sure that your policy doesn’t have an illness/accident restriction as it may not allow you to claim the assured amount from your insurance policy.

Country-specific Validity

Sometimes when people opt for a travel insurance policy, they forget to check if their policy is valid in the country they’re traveling to. Usually, it’s mandatory to have a valid health insurance or a travel insurance when you visit any developed country. Some policies may not cover all the countries so make sure you buy one that’s applicable at your destination of choice.

Emergency Services

Choose an insurance company with a history of immediate claims in case of emergency. Research extensively and read up on customer reviews on public forums to gauge a better idea on how each company responds under such a situation.

Damage to Electronics

If you accidentally damage your phone abroad, it can get quite daunting to stay in touch with your loved ones. A good travel insurance policy will ensure that you get the right coverage for your gadgets to make your vacation as comfortable as possible.

Loss of Baggage

Losing your baggage during international transit can be quite frustrating, especially since most airlines don’t take responsibility for losing valuables in your bag. With the right travel insurance policy, you can be sure that you get covered for your losses if you ever end up losing your belongings while you travel.

Daily Hospitalization

Getting treated abroad can be quite an expensive affair if you fall ill while you’re on vacation. Having a travel insurance policy ensures that your medical bills are taken care of till a family member arrives or you safely reach back to your country. The period for which an insurance covers these expenses will vary according to your plan and the insurance company you choose.

Cancellation Fee

Sometimes an unforeseen circumstance might come in the way of you going on a trip. In such cases, it makes complete sense to cancel your policy instead of letting it go unclaimed. Depending upon the company and the plan you choose, your cancellation fee would vary.

Knowing what your insurance policy covers is a great way to get started, but knowing what it doesn’t cover is equally important.

Travel insurance is like accident insurance so don’t expect to get cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

Make sure that you have all the necessary receipts, documentation, and forms required to claim your insurance without any hassles.

Research extensively on all the travel insurances available for senior citizens and choose the one that best fits your requirement.

Travel at ease with your parents, grand parents and any senior citizen relative now. 

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