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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in the Philippines?


Crypto-currency is one of the latest forms of transacting digitally without any involvement of liquid cash. Thus, this new technology has made the people more advanced and the process a faster one. Investment is really an important decision. You will definitely go for the option that gives you higher rates of return with minimal risks. However, trading through Bitcoins is obviously subject to numerous market risks and other relevant factors. Hence, you have to study the market well before you buy Bitcoin from the available sources.

Deal in Bitcoins in the Philippines

If you are interested in trading through Bitcoins in the Philippines, you should abide by all the rules formulated by the government. Are you wondering where to buy Bitcoin in the Philippines? Well, go through this concise guide to get some idea about the most reliable sources to buy Bitcoins. But, before you decide to buy or sell Bitcoin in the Philippines, ensure that the concerned crypto-currency exchange has got the license from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). However, besides these exchanges, you can also buy the Bitcoin from other peer-to-peer marketplaces or Bitcoin ATMs.

There are several banks and retail chains that offer convenient ways to buy this crypto-currency. The central bank of the land, BSP, is giving licenses to all these service providers from 2017. Till this time, around 13 companies are included in this bracket and comply with every rule of the central bank in this regard. Some of these famous companies include the following names;-

    Bloomsolutions (Bloomx)

    Virtual Currency Philippines (VCHEX)



    Aba Global Philippines (Coextar)

    Bitan Moneytech

In this guide, we will tell you “How to Buy Bitcoin in Philippines” is the easiest way from The company always thinks about the profits of the customers and strive to provide the best services ever. Let us provide in-depth knowledge about their services.

Bitcoin Trading Solutions from Xanpool

One of the most reliable sources to buy Bitcoin in the Philippines is The majority of people prefer this well-designed software for Bitcoin trading as you can buy and sell crypto-currencies within an instant. Moreover, there is no custody risk involved in this platform. You can place full trust in the company and carry out trading in a relaxing manner.

Xanpool complies with all the international standards and the ideal gateway solution to deal with different wallets, exchanges, and crypto-currencies. The crypto business will reach new heights as you connect with this wonderful medium for trading purposes.

Xanpool offers you customized services to suit your varied needs with respect to the Bitcoins. Along with Bitcoins, you can also trade in other crypto-currencies like BCP, ETH, and others. Generally, the acceptable payment methods in the Philippines for the site includes the following;-

    Insta Pay


If you don’t have a suitable account in any of these payment modes, you can also buy Bitcoins with the help of the Philippine Peso (PSP). To buy and sell Bitcoin in the Philippines, you need to follow the under-mentioned steps.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Fill in the areas

There are four steps involved while you are using These are;-

    Buy and Sell

    Create Account



Before becoming a partner of, you can try a demo of buying and selling crypto-currencies by filling up the details asked for. You first have to select whether you want to buy or sell the crypto. Select the country name as the Philippines. Mention the appropriate payment method. The exact amount of Bitcoin that you will be able to buy by investing the equivalent amount of PHP will appear automatically on the screen. Just click on “Next” to proceed with the transaction.

Step 2: Create an Account in Xanpool

You can become a registered member of by creating an account on the website. For that, visit the official website and click on “Sign Up.” Moreover, account creation is absolutely free of cost. You can also create the account through the respective app of Xanpool from your Android or iOS phone. You can again log in using your Facebook account and start transacting.

 The fields for which you need to enter the details are as follows;-

    First Name

    Last Name



Create an account and sign up to open your private transaction area on the platform of Xanpool. After the successful creation of an account, there will be a verification check. Finally, you will receive a confirmation of becoming a member of the website on your registered mobile number as well as the email id.

Step 3: Fund Your Account

Xanpool allows adding funds to your digital account using InstaPay or Cebuana. Your account will get credited with the funds immediately as you use any of these methods. Your receipt will have all the related instruction about how to use this online money for transacting purposes. Go through the same thoroughly to understand the technique of handling crypto-currencies on If your funds are ready, the next steps will make you buy the Bitcoins in a hassle-free manner.

The Service Xanpool Offers

The company offers extensive services for the benefit of its customers. Here are the brief details of each of them. Customer satisfaction is the priority of the software. This reliable platform will make you earn more money through convenient Bitcoin trading.

    Instant On and Off Boarding: This is the process through which the company asks for the KYC details from the customers. It is an automated process that will help you to transact smoothly on this platform. The company assures you that the platform will not sanction already sanctioned individuals or entities.

Buy and Sell Crypto Instantly: Without any custody risk, you can involve in buying and selling Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, instantly. 

    Localized Payment Methods: The customers can get the advantage of using local methods for making payments in case of both sending and receiving money. Thus, there is no need to use credit cards or wire transfers.

    Simple Integration: You can insert a few lines of the code to your website or mobile application and integrate this software platform with the same.

    Excellent User Experience: The Company makes available a useful widget designed to cater to all the relevant needs of the users. You can enjoy a pleasant transaction experience as the widget can respond brilliantly to any smart device that you connect to. Xanpool always ensures that all the customers are uninterruptedly using the services from the beginning till the end. You can opt for integrating the software through the iFrame widget, or you can also build a personal “fiat-to-crypto” gateway with the help of the JSON API. Thus you can see how flexible and easy it is to use Xanpool as your chosen platform to trade in Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. 

The Final Thoughts

Xanpool will provide one of the best platforms to buy and sell Bitcoins, but you have to be aware of the dealers and sellers who are ruling the P2P markets. The scam is also prevalent in this field. Hence, you have to be cautious all the time before making any investment decision. However, several people consider Xanpool as one of the best mediums to buy Bitcoins in The Philippines for successful trading ahead.

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