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Joseph Samuel Song: The Successful 19-year-old Entrepreneur Who Earns Over 6 Figures Per Month with YouTube Automation


Doing what you are passionate about and succeeding are two aspects that go hand in hand. To be fortunate enough to engage in what you feel is your passion and to achieve success is certainly something to be thankful for. However, achieving this requires much more than mere luck. It takes effort, dedication, and belief that what you do is possible, even over many challenges. In large part, this is how young Joseph Samuel Song became a successful entrepreneur.

Although for many young people the 17 focus on finishing high school, enjoying the educational stage, and planning what could be their future life and even going out with friends. It was at this age that Joseph felt it was time to start building his dreams. Seeing the stories of other entrepreneurs was enough motivation for this young man to start planning what would be the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.

Knowing the benefits of social media and the digital environment, he decided to start working on his personal brand on Instagram. From there, he started his way. He mainly dedicated himself to uploading videos to Shopify, because that was what was booming at the time. While this paid off, going beyond that has always been an innate quality in this young man, and he began studying YouTube.

Seeing that it was a more lucrative platform, Joseph focused his attention on it completely. However, not yet clear in his approach, he experimented with different niches and channels, until he hit the bull’s-eye, since then he’s become an expert and his growth has become unstoppable.

Analysis, Knowledge, and Research

Joseph’s business is focused on YouTube Automation. He initially spent much of his time getting to know the industry as much as possible. This young man points out that analysis, knowledge, and research were elemental to know how to strategically and successfully manage his business.

Joseph Samuel says that both understanding the business and studying every aspect of it is elementary. Whatever the industry, knowledge is the basis for charting any path to the goal. If you start a project without even knowing what it is or how it works, you probably won’t have the success you expect.

That’s where your journey began. Learning everything you need and then evaluating the best alternatives.

Maintaining the Entrepreneurial Spirit

For Joseph, this project had always been his business, even in the beginning. This young man assures that the entrepreneurial spirit is one of the key elements to increase self-confidence.

When he starts, he hires mentors in different aspects that will help him get out of the obstacles, understand the situations, and learn from each one of them. The growth was not as an entrepreneur, but also as a person because he has learned to handle a lot of responsibility with only 19 years old.

Adapting to Situations

Like hundreds of entrepreneurs, Joseph has faced different difficulties along his way that have made him question his actions and decisions. However, he assures that any business must have the ability to adapt to situations and rethink different aspects to ensure business continuity.

He points out that obstacles are part of the experience and it is necessary to work on them, face them, and find the most appropriate solutions for business and personal well-being.

Working As a Team

Since his growth as an entrepreneur has been exponential, teamwork has undoubtedly been one of the most important aspects of Joseph Song. From his beginnings until now, he has made incredible progress, which has led him to hire a large number of people.

Currently, he manages around 100 client channels, in addition to 100 cash cow channels of his own. All this, operating the growth and operations of his team that is composed of more than 100 people between writers, thumbnail designers, editors, among others.

Renewing his strategies, investing in his growth, in a specialized team, and analyzing every aspect of the process by studying the industry has allowed him to achieve broad success. Currently, this young man generates more than six figures in income per month, and his goal is to continue advancing.

In addition to automation, he spends his time guiding others who wish to undertake using YouTube as a platform. Also, he teaches and helps others to monetize their channels on the portal by obtaining passive income. And he continues to work on growing his business.       

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