Rajendra Upadhye is an accomplished civil and structural engineer who is based in Mumbai, Rajendra Upadhye currently works as a Section Manager for Citech Engineering College India Private Limited and also owns and heads his own tech firm by the name of RU Enterprises. Apart from RU Enterprises, Rajendra also owns a successful travel company by the name of Shree Krishna Tours and Travels. As an entrepreneur, he is also involved in a transport business and leads the company Shree Krishna Export and Import.

As far as his background is concerned, Rajendra Upadhye comes from a very humble household and has had a childhood characterized by various financial issues. Despite that, Rajendra worked hard and excelled in school and college.

Rajendra Upadhye’s interest in technology and its functioning had piqued after college. He decided to take up learning on his own and soon became a skilled professional in the field.

Today, Rajendra specializes in the plant, oil and gas sectors. He is also engaged in power plants, oil and gas plants and does the work of analysis and design of steel structures and their foundations.

Rajendra Upadhye’s RU Holding LLC has its main office in Dubai. This has been the first international milestone for the entrepreneur. The concept of the company is to guide people to use technology the right way and fulfil their objectives and goals through modern, intelligent solutions and tools.

Apart from this, Rajendra Upadhye is also a recognized expert in seismic and wind loading calculation using the formulation of IS, UBC, US, and various Russian and Euro codes. He also has varied interests in finite elements and machine foundations.

In a discussion about the kind of strategy he employs in his businesses, Rajendra says, “The number one thing for me is innovation. It is key to consistent business growth. I make it a point to bring my buisnesses in alignment with the current tech developments that are coming in the market. Leveraging recent technology and remaining up-to-date gives you an edge because when you do that, you’ve figured out problems and perfected the system for yourself before others are in the process of adopting it.”

International markets are next on the list for Rajendra Upadhye. He wishes to establish his business and cater to market segments across India and abroad.


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