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How Khojdeal plans to nurture loyalty in customers through affiliate marketing?


Earning customer loyalty isn’t easy; in fact, attracting customers is one thing but keeping them is another story. With the fierce competition that is around to become the best company, the best product or service, it is of fundamental importance to make the customers perpetually satisfied, so as to not run the risk that they go to the first competitor who passes.

That’s exactly what Khojdeal is aiming to achieve. Founded in the 2016 with an aim of saving the hard-earned money of their customers, Khojdeal is an online deal discovery platform. The brand showcases the best deals & discounts from more than 1500 online stores. Additionally, customers can also earn extra cashback over an above the store discount on select e-stores when they shop through Khojdeal.

The biggest mistake most startups make is neglecting loyal customers to attract new ones. However, it is important to remember that on average, loyal customers are worth 10 times more after their first purchase.

So, let’s see how Khojdeal is trying to keep its group of loyal customers satisfied.

1. Communicating with the customers

Don’t hide behind the screen, because if you want to build a solid relationship with your customers, you will have to show them that you are present. You will have to establish communication with them, showing your true personality and your appreciation towards them.

If your customers can’t reach you it is very likely that they will walk away from you, because, the harder it is for them to talk to you, the easier it is that they will never come back. Building a solid relationship, therefore, requires a combination of effective communication and true listening.

Khojdeal has built a solid presence on its social media platforms and keeps customers engaged by sharing interesting content. The portal also sends weekly mailers to its subscribers to keep them informed about the latest deals & offers.

2. Giving the customers a personalized service

Khojdeal believes that providing their customers with a personalized service could also be something small but it will have its effects in the future. This “special” treatment is what makes people feel important, respected and appreciated.

Addressing customers by their own name and sharing your name with them will help build a stronger relationship.

3. Making customer care a key aspect of the business strategy

It is incredibly important to make customer care the fulcrum around which your strategy revolves, which means organizing your entire business in such a way that you can meet the needs of your customers. In order to give as much attention as possible to their users, Khojdeal makes sure that their employees have excellent communication skills, that they are able to effectively manage any complaints and that they are able to listen to what their customers want.

The platform is concrete in the answers it provides, trying to give the best service they can. They make sure they can make realistic promises. Although people love when you promise them the world, don’t fall for this mistake as it will be better to guarantee something that can be available within a month and deliver it within a week than promise the opposite, risking it won’t come true.

Small promises that can be kept even earlier than expected – this is the key that will lead you to amaze your customers. Indeed, it is recommended that you create a list of your key accounts in your company so as to have a more targeted focus.

4. Giving something extra to the best customers

Khojdeal believes that it is of fundamental importance to always make their best customers happy, so they make sure that they make them feel more than special and appreciated. A good way to do this is to give them benefits, such as a discount, an invitation to a particular event or the waver of any restrictions, for example, minimum order quantity.

Your best customers are your greatest assets, so think of them first and make them happy regardless of what that entails.


Selling to customers you already have will be much easier and cheaper than selling to new customers; so, boosting their loyalty should be your best marketing tool to have.

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