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Maryland Rapper Foreign Speaks On His Music Debut


Foreign is a 23-year-old Indian American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Also known as NML Foreign, the Maryland raised artist has a very unique style – a mixture of confidence and vulnerability, a catchy sing-rap flow, and rare storytelling ability which makes him a great all-around talent. He made his introduction into the rap game this past October, with a solo debut project – In Foreign We Trust (2020) – which has already given him global recognition on major music streaming platforms, such as Apple Music and Spotify. The release has already opened a few doors for Foreign within the music industry, but he believes he still has a lot of work to do. Coming from an immigrant family, Foreign does not believe in taking the easy route. 

Born in Kampala, Uganda, Foreign is a superstar in the making. He began his musical journey in 2016, when he began to write full-length songs in his phone to beats he found online. Since then, Foreign has written over 500 songs. However, the rising artist never attempted a legitimate music debut until this year. “I graduated college in December, went to Houston to celebrate, and came back home to a global pandemic. That was when I knew that if I actually wanted to pursue music, it would have to be now”, Foreign states. 

“In Foreign We Trust” (2020) was fully recorded in his basement, in a matter of 3 months. “I went out and bought everything I needed, hopped on YouTube, and taught myself how to do everything. I was recording every single day for at least 8 hours just trying to find my sound. Once I found it, putting together a body of work wasn’t that hard. It came to me naturally. You have to dedicate yourself to the craft every day, whether you feel like it or not”, says Foreign. By August, he had about 30 unreleased songs in his possession, 12 of which made the project. Since the release, Foreign has picked up a major buzz on social media and gained thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify. 

“In Foreign We Trust” (2020) is one of the most diverse, attention grabbing projects of the year. Foreign created this body of work with the mentality that there has to be at least one song you can relate to no matter who you are. Each song has a different style, vibe, and energy to it which makes it an unpredictable, yet complete listening experience. Many people believe this is a project with “no skips”, meaning you can listen to it from top to bottom without skipping a single song. With the positive feedback his music has already received, it is safe to say that Foreign is here to stay. 

Currently, Foreign is focused on his next body of work which is expected to release early in 2021. He plans on dropping visuals, merchandise, and other forms of content leading up to his next release. Be sure to follow Foreign on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as subscribe to his YouTube channel so you can stay connected with him on his musical journey. Stream “In Foreign We Trust” now by clicking the link below!


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