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Who is Todd Luongo? The Early Life of a Local Legend



When it comes to the business world today, we have grown used to innovation coming from unexpected places. However, many of the best business minds that we listen to in this world have come from ‘real’ backgrounds. They have lived a life that is uninsulated from the dangers of reality and the pressures of failure. That’s why the story of Todd Luongo, the Co-Founder of Legendary Life, is such an interesting one to listen to.

Growing up in outside of Boston, MA, on the rough streets of Brockton, Luongo was always given a punchers chance in life. After all, when you grow up on the same streets as boxing legends like Marvin Hagler and Rocky Marciano, you should be used to swinging for success. Growing up in a ‘dysfunctional’ family, Luongo rebelled against convention and used his work ethic and determination to find a path to progress.

Passionate about music and sports as well as health and writing, a varied taste of cultures and interests helped to propel Luongo to a new, more exciting future. It was his entrepreneurial stance, though, that shone through from a young age. By age nine, he was the youngest paperboy in Brockton, working seven days a week. Indeed, he used these early steps in the industry to build a role as an independent contractor working for the local daily paper.

From there, Luongo built up his position to become one of the largest, most lucrative routes within the region. He even quickly became a tutor to other classmates to show them how to make money using their wits and abilities. Come age nineteen, he was in both professional and personal success as Luongo was claimed the champion amateur bobybuilder, winning the Mr. Teen Cape Code award in doing so.

Early success paving the way for long-term progress

If you are someone who is looking for a way to see long-term progress, then Luongo would make a fantastic role model. Because despite having progressive success, Luongo decided to take a leap of faith; he decided to make the move from Massachusetts all the way to Silicon Valley. Despite having no contacts or colleagues there, and no background in technology, it seemed the right place to be.

Luongo moved there and used his ability to communicate with others, to find his niche in any location, and his natural work ethic to work his way into a sales career at Oracle Corporation. At this point, the internet started to really explode, becoming one of the most prominent tools in the world.

Quickly rising through the ranks at Oracle, Todd was tasked with moving to Washington DC to start working as part of a highly secretive division of Oracle who was focused on classified government programs. For the next two decades, Luongo built up relationships with some of the most important government agencies in the land, working with government agencies, major start-ups, and cybersecurity firms that would go on to become part of the IBM and HP brand umbrellas.

This is just a short snippet of what Todd Luongo has achieved in his early years in life. As one of the Co-Founders of the Legendary Life group, Todd has built a career on leaving his comfort zone, never sitting still, and being ready to work hard regardless of the intensity of the challenge. Do those skills and techniques resonate with you? They should.

These are the skills of one of the most successful people in the industry today – success isn’t something that happens by magic. From a young age, Todd worked at it; have you done the same?

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