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Entrepreneur Dan Trocki Channels The Chaos Of His Workday To The Canvas


Running a business is undoubtedly stressful, and running multiple is only survival by some. Entrepreneur Dan Trocki is part of the minority. Trocki’s mind runs fast and hard, new business ideas are a dime a dozen for him, but maximum capitalization keeps him selective of which opportunities to execute. But what keeps him sane through such a demanding lifestyle?

Let’s rewind to the very beginning of the innovator’s miscellaneous career paths. When Trocki was in high school, after a revelation with a Rabbi, his first business was born. It was more of  “a high school joke that actually had potential.” He sold it off after realizing the industry he would have to navigate was not substantial enough to build upon. Trocki then tackled work alongside his father in the boat manufacturing industry. Eventually, he completely took over Buddy Davis Yachts and modernized an already well-established concept. Trocki, a natural creative, allows his curiosity to drive his creativity. He will look at a boat, visualize a new design in seconds, run back to the factory and see if it is plausible. His active imagination led to multiple company takeovers and partnerships with renowned brands like Vandutch and Pininfarina. However, his particularity made it challenging to macro-manage, leading Trocki to long days and sleepless nights.

“Escaping from the cycle of always being on the go was challenging,” Trocki said. “Then one day, I was trying to meet a deadline and it was extremely stressful so, I went into the metal shop at the factory and just started cutting pieces of sheet metal to release some anxiety,” Trocki said. “I then aimlessly started bending it, and it turned into a female sculpture. It was so satisfying to be able to create something while simultaneously taking back control over my emotions.”

Trocki’s stress reliever and hobby came as no surprise to his family and friends. One, because Trocki is known for his design and innovation. Two, because both of his brothers are artists. The sublimely gifted Trocki now indulges in multiple art methods. He believes he has not pin-pointed his niche, but that has been overlooked by art gallery owners and buyers who have praised Trocki for his work…even the murals on his carpet.  

“It has and never will be my intention to make a career out of my stress reliever,” Trocki said. “This hobby is mainly for me and my mental health. Maybe when I’m long gone, my family and friends can sell it, but right now that’s not the purpose. Art has allowed me to excel in my industry and even manage taking on new business opportunities outside my comfort zone. ”

Art gave Trocki the ability to slow his mind, which has amplified his focus and improved his competitive edge in business. Now, he has entered new heights of success and is pioneering the use of eco-friendly materials in the boating manufacturing industry.

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