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‘Beta Tumse Na HO Paega’: How Indian Millennials Have Created Their Own Social Media Lingo


As part of our ED Decodes The Indian Millennial series: we bring to you part 3 here. Don’t forget to read the other posts in this series. mentioned in the end.

Between Generation X and Generation Z are stuck the millennials– a generation that learned the new way of living in their adulthood.

Social media and virtual communication made its way to the millennials only when they unlearned the communication taught to them in childhood.


A highly intelligent generation suffers because of the faulty education imparted to them. Nobody taught them the difference between education and grade inflation, therefore are prone to mistake spellings and possess poor grammar.

Millennials And Social Media
When virtual communication took over the world, the millennials adopted it in the most bizarre way, trying to incorporate written grammar in quick messages; they ended up creating a whole new language for themselves.


Hundred percent becomes Hundo P, Sorry not Sorry describes fake apology and the most common being ‘the struggle is real’. Such abbreviated terms have found their way into literature books- all thanks to the excessive usage of the phrases.

Indian Millennials And Language

Indian millennials went a step ahead and started using regional languages with English like looking good is ‘cool che’(Gujjus there), ‘Apan will go’, but the language that instantly appealed best what the desi-hindi-dialect and its abuses. ‘BC’ is our go to word- from lack of adjectives to expression of emotion, hindi slangs and abuses and ‘cool che’.

The only English swear words we love are F*** and S#!T. You’re not in trouble, you’re f*ked up. you’re not just awesome, you’re f*king awesome.

But if you thought that language remained constant then you’re mistaken. It changes as quickly as a day. Words like ‘troll’, ‘LOL’ or ‘ baba ji ka thullu’ became popular once they started trending.

New movies and their cult-ish dialogues become everybody’s WhatsApp status. Remember ‘beta tumse na ho paega’ or ‘fog chal raha hai’ being used in every conversation? That’s how much millennials love to ‘evolve’ language.

No conversation is complete without the emojis because then how will a satire look like a satire?
A research concluded that the texting lingo we speak today is actually an entire language in itself started by the millennials.

They’ve created new terms like selfie, Bae and YOLO and at the same time use shorthands like V. happy or perf for perfect and the most popular- TBH, we can all guess this one!

They are accustomed to the information density of applications like twitter, and, therefore find vocal exchanges dull and laborious.

The truth is that millennials have gone way ahead in utilizing communication for their own benefit and making the most of this social need.

They believe in productivity and see no point indulging in inefficient or slow speeded talks. They grew up differently and rapidly adopted themselves to the latest in everything, we have adopted ourselves to the communication systems established, nurtured and perfected by the millennials.

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