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Hottest Jodis of 2013


2A5_Gauhar-Khan-Kushal-Tandon-small-screenBy Shivangi Handa

2013… A year full of DHAMAKAS and PATAKAS. Bondings, controversies, abuses all were a part of this great fun filled and adventurous year. We saw some couples bonding, some separating, some new talks and and even more gossips about the “new formations” in the industry. From Ranbir-Katrina’s Spain holiday to Armaan-Tanisha’s Bigg Boss 7 chemistry; from Hrithik-Suzanne split to Deepika-Ranveer’s Ramleela Love: this year we saw lots of turbulences in the relationship meter of our celebs.

ranbir-katrina-13RANBIR KAPOOR, the heart throb of the Indian girls is busy these days with his lady Katrina Kaif. Is it? Well..! We can’t say as both of them are still mum on this aspect of their lives. Par is zaalim dunyiya se pyar koi kaise chupaye? Bollywood sweethearts Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were recently caught holidaying in Spain. While the media never had any doubts about their affair, the photographs that have surfaced of their romantic sojourn may possibly finally force the couple to acknowledge their relationship publicly. Well we don’t know how long they will take when the picture is clear! They continued their game of hide and seek. Reports about Ranbir and Katrina’s proximity regularly kept appearing in the tabloids. Often her car would be spotted entering his bungalow on Pali Hill. At times they were spotted at restaurants in and around Bandra. They even spent the New Year’s Eve together in New York in 2012. Both Ranbir and Katrina smartly managed to keep their very private holiday off the eyes of the media but the secret was out when a rather enthusiastic fan posted pictures of the two having a good time in Ibiza. The two were even spotted attending a David Guetta concert a few months ago in Spain. The very next day the pictures made their way to Mumbai tabloids on July 12. The cherry to this cake was added by Ranbir’s cousin Kareena Kapoor Khan who in a popular chat show, called Katrina Kaif her Bhabhi!! LOL!!

This year we saw two very happening and at the same time very controversial stories at the reality show Bigg Boss 7. And we all know who: TANISHA MUKHERJEE AND ARMAN KOHLI; GAUHAR KHAN AND KUSHAL TANDON. Tanisha Mukherjee (daughter of veteran actor Tanuja and sister of Kajol) found her best friend or if we can say, her friend for life Arman Kohli. Their friendship in the Bigg Boss house was challenging and interesting. Arman’s dominating nature and Tanisha’s submissive behaviour brought the couple to limelight. What is there between the two of them is still unknown. But it is definitely more than friendship. Then came their secret kiss, which was followed by kisses, kisses and kisses! Some in front of the “80 cameras”, as Salman khan pointed the duo, and some in the bathrooms! 975_tanisha-mukherjee-and-armaan-kohli_bolly

Another jodi at the Bigg Boss house was the couple Kushal and Gauhar who confessed their love for each other on national television. Kushal’s proposal “I want to grow old with you” and to that Gauhar’s “yes” won hearts of many of their fans. Reports also came up that all this was a publicity stunt. But seeing the two still together the reports are mum! Kushal’s concern for Gauhar’s “izzat” made him reach Andy’s neck and bought the host of the show Salman Khan into trouble as well, as he was now being considered as “biased”.

The Ramleela couple..  Of course.. How can we forget them! I find them to be a naughty couple, but yes this is just what I think! Ranveer Singh: right from the beginning of his career from Band Baja Baraat, he has been in news with every single heroine. Is it a promotional stunt? Or does he actually fall in love every time he works on a new project? Well no one other than Ranveer can answer this! This year the girl was Deepika, who sizzled on the screen with her looks and style! Probably this was the reason why she was seen in the hospital when Ranveer was down with dengue.

ranveer-deepikabiggThis year end also saw a hot pair splitting apart. On December 13, 2013, Hrithik announced that his wife Suzanne has decided to separate and end their 17 year long relationship. While the reason is still not clear, celebs such as Salman Khan and Arjun Rampal are trying to help the two to come out of such a turbulent situation.

Looking forward to much more masala in the year 2014. Let’s see what this has year has in store for us.



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