Mumbai University, once deemed as a well-respected university is slowly deteriorating.

Each year, their ranking in almost every survey is plummeting down. Their performance is becoming sub-par and nothing is going right for them and newly formed universities are outranking them.

University of Bombay, as it was back in the day was among the first three universities in India. Instead of getting better with age, it is getting hit with scandals and controversies.

I cannot claim about other branches but I can definitely say that the state of engineering department has been dreadful.

Each year a lot of seats are remaining vacant. There was a time when people used to travel to ‘Aurangabad’ to wait for any single opening in any engineering college in any stream.

For the last academic year, 56,000 seats out of 1.38 lakh seats remained vacant. The year before that, it was 64,625 seats out of 1.44 lakh.

The Downfall:

One would think that having to go through this fallback, Mumbai University would step up a notch and try to improve things. The university made it into the news when 8 of its staff members were caught smuggling answer sheets in and out to the students on May 20, 2016.

More than 100 answer sheets were found in possession of the accused along with Rs. 1.18 lakh. After trying to further investigate, the most recent update of this story came in 2017. It stated that no actions were still taken and neither were CCTV cameras installed even after a year.

Assignments over Practical:

Engineering at Mumbai University is nothing but completing assignments. Even if a certain practical is not performed it’s not a bigger issue than if your submission is not done.

If you fail in a certain term work (file submission), your whole result for the entire semester, irrespective of whether you have cleared all external as well as internal subjects, your result gets printed as ‘null’.

This leaves the students at the mercy of the teachers when it comes to submission.

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Always a strike:

Every year for the past 4 years Mumbai University releases a list of 9-10 colleges which ‘might’ get closed because they are in violation of certain norms. Barely 1 or 2 colleges have been shut down till date.

‘Yadavrao Tasgaonkar’ a college of engineering under Mumbai University has been in news for 2 years for their staff not getting salaries for 11-12 months. The college is still running and students have to study on their own as the clash between the college and the staff is the genesis of strikes by teachers.

Sadly, this is the only college which has made the news, other colleges have similar issues but they are not of that huge magnitude as the mentioned college.

The ATKT Scam:

The exam form fees and the ATKT fees have been always an issue. The exam form fees which was Rs. 425 which was increased by more than 100% to Rs. 1000 which now they are cutting down by a mere 10% to Rs. 900. The ATKT fees although has seen a steep drop to Rs. 200 from Rs. 1000.

The ATKT results are always in the favour of students. Meaning the students have a higher passing rate in the revaluation result than in normal results.

Thus accusations are made at Mumbai University that they release the KT result much later than the ‘exam form’ submission date to garner more revenue.

The KT fees are not even refunded back even if you have cleared the subject. Mumbai University pockets crores of rupees every semester solely on KT fees.

The engineering students at Mumbai University are vexed. The admission numbers dropping every year.

It is high time that Mumbai University made changes to change their public image and restore back to the golden days.

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Sources: Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express + more

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