The pseudo-liberal culture which has permeated the collegiate life in DU is at an all-time high. Liberals in DU (the typical ones) have an inherent sense of entitlement, activism and they hold a super high view of themselves because they do extremely important things in their lives such as gay parades and slam poetry.

Oh, how far we’ve come.

This generation of snowflakes disregards the idea of hard work (or any work) and feel that the brand value of their institution will be enough to carry them anywhere in life. This isn’t something which I speak on pure rhetoric, but on the basis of shared experiences and notable incidents.

But before we analyse the situation, I’d like to highlight a post which I found on Facebook and discuss how it eloquently described the archetypal “Liberal Ga**u” (the latter word of the term being a famous Hindi cuss word) a.k.a “Librandu” of the modern college life.

It’s a hilarious take on the status quo and the satire here is just ON POINT:

Prabudh Singh expertly targeted the process of how a student becomes a pseudo-liberal when he starts college, but the satire in his post is evident and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

But he’s not completely wrong, you know?

The fact that a large section of students have an inherent sense of entitlement in them by the virtue of their association with a college like LSR, Miranda House or Ramjas has been a problem since time immemorial and has ascended to an extent that people like Gurmehar Kaur are now looked up to as national heroes.

In case your memory needs to be refreshed, Gurmehar Kaur from LSR was the one who said that Pakistan didn’t kill her father, war did. Riding on the memory of your father who passed away in war isn’t the best way to grab headlines but here we are in an era where the said individual is now a TED speaker.

But hey, the liberals in DU have an inherent habit of denial and living in a bubble of their own construct. Most of them are already on a course for unemployment (I don’t mince my words) and that characteristic trait is amplified when they believe that their participation in protests is a way to boost their chances of a stable job.

Take the Ramjas example, here. The issue could’ve been easily avoided had Umar Khalid not been invited to the campus as part of their literature fest but no, the ever so gracious liberals in DU will do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd, then they’ll protest and invite unnecessary extremism via multiple fringe groups and once all is set and done and shit hits the ceiling, they’ll protest and say that they’re not afraid.

Why? Because going against the authority is a cool thing to do.

Understand this, my dear liberals: Your protests won’t reflect how good an employee you’ll be in the future and neither will your Facebook posts, which are a shining example of your hypocritical armchair activism (looking at you again, Gurmehar. Your privilege speaks louder than your words).

And it’s funny how only a few select institutions manage to grab the limelight whenever it’s a matter of controversy, with LSR, JNU, and Ramjas being at the forefront.

The culture of fake news has not just polluted online media, but it has become an intrinsic part of the student life as well which was highlighted extensively after the semen balloon incident was debunked (by yours truly, in this article hyperlinked here and via official lab reports), following which it was the liberals who went on to defend their flat case by saying that even if it wasn’t semen, a balloon was thrown regardless.

Okay, then why did you complain it was semen in the first place?

Prabudh Singh’s update also highlights the various quintessential trends which liberals in DU undertake, such as going to gay parades and thinking that doing slam poetry will pay their bills.

But well, needless to say, the pseudo-liberal culture has become entrenched within DU and is beyond repair. These species continue to take offence at the smallest of things and then engage in a war of Facebook comments to get validation.

But hey, that’s how it is and we can only hope that it changes in the foreseeable future.

Till then, the pseudo-liberals or “Librandus” in DU can take offence at Prabudh Singh’s update or even this article, if they want.

And Prabudh, here’s an open invitation to you to come and write for us at ED Times. Trust me, we won’t force you to politically correct rhetoric. ;) 

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Facebook, Quartz, OPINDIA + more

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