In these turbulent times, it is quite difficult to admit that our country is in fact secular. But this snippet from Kerala about an upcoming Hindu wedding in a mosque is surely going to raise your hopes high.

The Cheruvally Muslim Jamaath Mosque in Kayamkulam is where the joyous event is set to take place. As it turns out, this will be Kerala’s first Hindu wedding in a mosque.

A Wedding To Be Celebrated

This spectacular event will see Cheravally native Anju tie the knot with Sarath, who is originally from Krishnapuram district in Kerala. The wedding, complete with Hindu rituals and customs, is set to take place on January 19th between 11.30 am and 12.30 pm.

hindu wedding in a mosque

Staying true to Hindu traditions, the mosque is gearing up to host 1,000 guests who will be treated to a vegetarian spread (sadhya) after the ceremony. The organizers are also sponsoring Rs. 2 lakhs in cash for the couple, along with the bride’s gold ornaments.

How Did This Idea Come Up?

After the death of Anju’s father, Ashokan, her family, comprising of her mother and 2 siblings, began suffering financially. When her mother was struggling to source money for Anju’s marriage, one of their neighbours (a Jamaath secretary) suggested that they approach the Jamaath committee.

When the situation was presented before the committee, help was immediately offered as one of the members volunteered to bear the entire expense of the wedding. After the matter was further discussed following the prayer session, more support was extended to the family.

The mosque’s secretary, Nujumuddin Alummoottil said that all the 10,000 people who had come to pray were more than happy to help Anju.

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Not Just An Isolated Incident

The tale of communal harmony doesn’t just end here. After her father’s passing, Anju and her sister were forced to give up their studies after class 12. However, Alummoottil, who owns a ‘Wedding Centre’ in the town, offered to help her younger brother complete his education.

Despite the fact that this is the state’s first Hindu wedding in a mosque, Alummoottil mentioned that most mosques do always lend a hand to the poor, and this by extension means that they do so irrespective of religion.

hindu wedding in mosque
A screenshot of the template of the wedding invitation that went viral online

Interestingly, the whole idea of this exceptional wedding was not meant to be publicized but somehow the template of the couple’s invitation card got shared online and people were instantly hooked!

Happiness For All

The occasion is bound to bring happiness to the couple and their families, but it will be equally joyous to the organizers as well. Alummoottil himself exclaimed that the satisfaction he feels right now is far beyond anything that he’s experienced so far!

Just reading about such instances brings about a smile on our faces. When you toy with the idea that the coming days will only bring in more fear and division, incidents like these help us take a break and revel in our restored feelings of hope.

Here’s to the generosity and undying secular spirit of these people!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Week, The Telegraph, The Siasat Daily

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