Every time a new hashtag trends on Twitter, everyone starts wondering the reason behind the trend, be it #JCB or #WWIII. Today, a new hashtag, #NewPassword is trending on Twitter.

#NewPassword is not only attracting common netizens but various brands are also using it to their advantage. 

However, the big question remains the same. WHY IS IT TRENDING?

Well, don’t worry! We have the answer for you.

What Is #NewPassword?

Brands never fail to fetch an opportunity for marketing their product on social media and whenever a social issue or social media trend comes to light, they use it to their maximum advantage by plugging in their product quirkily.

Something similar is happening on Instagram and Twitter as the #NewPassword is trending on both the social media platforms.

Famous brands like Fevicol, Rajasthan Royals, LivPure and HDFC are posting some quirky passwords. For those who aren’t familiar, when a password is changed, one has to enter a new password and then retype it to confirm the password.

While you write and confirm the password, the system automatically suggests whether the password is weak or strong. The stripe below the typing bar turns red if the password is weak and turns green if the same is strong. 

Similar templates are being used by brands to promote their product.

Why Is #NewPassword Trending On Twitter?

2020 marked the start of a new decade and a new decade means new meme trends and new marketing campaigns. 

With advancements in technology, the threat to cyber security increases. Cyber experts always recommend people to change their passwords regularly and choose strong passwords which are difficult to crack so that their security in the virtual world is not jeopardized.

With an attempt to create awareness on cyber security, many brands took to Instagram to share pictures and quirky templates to promote their product as well as the cause.

The trend didn’t limit itself to Twitter and as soon as the Instagrammed images were tweeted by the respective brands, the hashtag became viral on Twitter as well, leaving netizens amazed and perplexed.

The hashtag is not only giving brands a marketing platform but also acting as a sound means for subtly creating awareness against cyber crimes.

Here are a few cheeky tweets for you to enjoy!

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Socio Maven Promoting Their Marketing Skills

Policy Bazaar Promoting Financial Security Along With Cyber Security

Kings XI Punjab Resetting Its Strong Password

Virat Kohli Should Definitely See This One

Skills Pay, And So Does Cyber Security

Delhi Capitals Encashing The Trend

Havells Lighting Up Twitter

Fevicol Helps You Stick Things Together… Always

Pune Police Playing It Cool

Cipla Ensuring Good Health and Safety of Wealth

Image Source: Twitter and Google Images

Sources: Free Press Journal, Social Samosa + More

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