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Unusual Comparisons: Here Is Why India And China Are Ex-Lovers


Unusual Comparisons: An ED Original content style, where we take 2 very opposite and different items and show you, exactly how similar they might be. 

Some strange similarities you can find between India-China relationship and the relationship with your Ex-lover.

The dilemma in relationships occurs in every person’s life. Every one of us gets a situation where we do not know where exactly the relationship is heading. We go searching for new environments so that the complications of the relationship don’t affect our progress.

Countries are no exceptions to these complications. China and India seem to have similar complications and tagging them as Ex-lovers will not be foolish.


Priority over others:

When in a relationship the lover gets the top most priority among all the choices. A mighty gain outside will appear small in front of small date proposed by her(or him). Often this had led to the loss of careers of many.

Jawaharlal Nehru did something similar 5 decades ago. His sentimental view of China made him deny Kennedy’s assistance to a nuclear weapon in 1962. Had he accepted the proposal, India would have tested nuclear weapons before China and the China war would not have taken place. India would have been Asia’s super power ahead of China now.


Disturbs current developments:

Even though you come out breaking barriers of the past, the demons of the relationship keep a track on you. Be it a new relationship or when a new business starts up, there come more chances of your ex-love appearing in the event. This sometimes resists your progress.


Many moves were made so that China will not have a role in India’s rise as a global power. Foreign visits by Modi were to make sure that opposition of China will be nullified by a support of other countries. India got the support of many countries including USA, Mexico, and Switzerland to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). But China’s opposition is a big threat to India. Countries like Ireland and Turkey are on China’s side. This is making India’s progress into NSG a difficult task.

Close to heart:

A person can have any number of relationships after the first break up. But the bond that the first love makes with a person’s heart is unbreakable. This may not be visible outside, but it always exists.


China and India are culturally siblings. Buddhism is the main bond between two countries. Kung fu is said to be founded by an Indian monk. Yoga is now becoming a part of Chinese culture. The current situation is not good. But if the situation in future should not get worse, it will be the cultural bond that will come into play.

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Difficult to Ignore:

Though you break up with a lover, you can never assure anyone that his/her part in your life is over. You always hope for her to return to you. You may even try making some efforts to show that you are always ready to accept him/her again (Of course, you do not do that directly).


Modi’s speech at US joint session was a calculated move. He ignored the issues relating China completely. He wanted China to be India’s ‘friend’ .Border issues are now being solved in a progressive way. Visas are being given to Chinese scholars to attend conferences in India. India clearly wants to convey China that it is ready for a friendly relationship.

Both China and your Ex-lover are unpredictable. They are not important for our survival. But their presence in our life will make our survival a pleasant one. We have to keep on putting efforts and it will be the time that will answer the questions of our efforts.

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