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Things I Did Wrong In My 1st Year: Diary Of A Fresher


By Shivansh Gupta

That time has arrived when newly recruited students will be admitted into the college cum mental asylum. They have expectations from their college life more than what RSS has from Modi.


The first two or three months of the college are the most exciting ones, we go through a sudden transition from leaving our very own naive self to entering the galvanic college life, which increases our fair share of blunders. I recently left behind my first two semesters with an experience that has maligned all my expectations from college life.

Hoping for you to not commit these mistakes (which is improbable), I’m sharing some of them with you:

– Believe that the first person that meets you will stay forever: No, that’s not going to happen. There is a high chance that you both will end up at a casual level and talk to each other only in a lighter vein. It will take some time to find your 3-A.M. buddies. Good things do not come so early.

– Failed attempt to speak in fluent English or in a pompous accent: Most of us had done that and know that it never works.*puppy face*. In some cases even if you are an Anglophone, nervousness creeps in resulting into stammering or lisping.

– Spending your little pocket money extravagantly: We never hesitate to join the entourage that goes to the local pizzeria every weekend or to buy unnecessary things as much as we want which later gives regret. It’s only some weeks later that we get to know that the kiosks and dhaabas, in front of the college are life-saving.

– Trying hard to maintain the façade: Ooh, we aren’t at all clumsy. You will find ourselves and our dorm room way too sophisticated. It is only later that we reveal our messy personality.

– Dream to be in that elite group: All colleges have that elite clique comprising of English speaking high-end rich brats and the fashion gurus. Now, who doesn’t wants to be among them, though we might have to be somewhat pretentious, or dressed up in dandy clothes, be ready with cool expensive gadgets from that thrift shop down the road?

– Try to be the Stud or the Queen: No, we don’t do that. No, seriously, we don’t…um…uh…okay we do try a little to be like Varun Dhawan fromStudent of The Year” or Kareena Kapoor from “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghum”. It is good to have some I mean ..why not? But we do that only sometimes.*wink*


But at the end of the beginning, we find our wisdom from the goofs that we have committed. Probably have made our singular group of friends that would be by our side till the very end. By now we have understood that it is ok or in fact amazing to be ourselves, to enjoy in those cheap dhaabas that give you many stories and memories to have and do some craziness with your friends without being sophisticated.

Image Source: Google Images.

Talking of college students, there are two categories: Hostellers and Localites. The latter part is underrated and neglected, have an inside look of their experiences:

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