Creating an ecosystem of business and people built on trust and innovation, Harpreet Singh has been at the forefront of Employee Pooling Resources Pvt Ltd in New Delhi India for more than a decade. He is also a motivational speaker, Philanthropist, social worker, and founder of ‘Brothers’, a Non-Governmental Organisation. 

His dedication to creating a better world through business and philanthropy is truly inspiring and his contributions to society will continue to have a lasting impact for years to come. Ambitious and inspiring personality Harpreet Singh had established the Non-Profit organization Brothers with the vision of helping the deprived class for their upliftment in society. He keeps himself engaged in social work on a continuous basis. He provides basic necessities like food to the deprived people. His organization runs various campaigns for social reform. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Harpreet Singh ran a campaign for kids called “Bag of Happiness” in which he distributed snacks, chips, candy, and other goodies. He also organizes a job langar called “Food for Education.”

Best known as the CEO and Co-founder of Employee Pooling Resources Pvt Ltd Harpreet Singh is an experienced and skilled manager, specializing in customer care, client relationships, and business development. As CEO and COO of Employee Pooling Resources Pvt Ltd Harpreet Singh oversees operations of the firm’s business processing centers in New Delhi, India. Before joining Employee Pooling, Harpreet served as a senior executive in an inbound process for Eastbound Tours & Travels. Before that, Harpreet served as a Bank of America Loan Officer for Pioneer Solutions. His financial experience also includes a nine-month stint as a Senior Customer Care Representative with Vanguard Info Solutions Ltd. While working with these companies, Harpreet earned invaluable insight into American culture.

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Harpreet Singh is an ambitious yet compassionate individual who excelled in his career, academic and personal front. He believes in inspiring society and above all uplifting the youth by providing them with numerous opportunities. Despite facing struggles in his life, Singh was driven and determined to succeed. Together with studying in college, he started doing part-time jobs as a delivery boy. After completing his education, Harpreet Singh took employment in a multinational company. It was there that he developed an interest in business and entrepreneurship and he soon left the company to start his own venture. Though his entrepreneurial journey was filled with leaps and bounds initially, however, his skills, nature, and ambition never stopped him to achieve his goal. Since then, there was no turning back!

Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to take bold risks to grow his business, Harpreet Singh is widely respected as a Visionary. Harpreet Singh stands out from the crowd due to his keen interest in business as well as his strong dedication to giving back to society. Through his non-profit organization Brothers, he is working to improve people’s lives by making significant contributions to a number of charitable causes. Harpreet Singh, a visionary entrepreneur, is still driven and modest, and he keeps working tirelessly to advance society and improve the world.

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