This happens only in India: Because, India loves weird records!

There are somethings that are just Indian: the Indian nod, the plastic seat cover that remains unremoved forever, and of course, the trash throw during drives. These are some of the very few things rest of the world would consider weird. The new trend set among a handpick of Indians, uniquely, remains weird to not only the rest of the world, but also to Indians themselves.

Yes, you guessed it right (so much for the title). I am indeed talking about the show Indian’s have been putting up on the records front, proudly taking stuff to a whole new level of insane!

Read below if you’re gutsy enough:

1. The Tattoo Tut:
To be specific, we are speaking about one Mr. Guinness Rishi here. As astounding as the name is, born Har Prakash, Rishi underwent a name change for the sake of his passion. Not a need to mention, his passion is to set world records. As such, one of the many records under Rishi’s name is the record for the most number of tattoos.


Guinness Rishi has a total of 366 tattoos on his body.
Let’s just say, Ouch! that must’ve hurt.

2. Do you have a sore-throat? No, I have a straw-throat!
Are you done getting creeped out by Rishi and his tattoos? Well, here I have for you something slightly better. Rishi and his straws.

Guinness Rishi

After all the things Rishi could’ve done with a straw, he decided to shove it up. Don’t let it run wild.

On a crazy spree to set a record, Guinness Rishi shoved a sum of 496 straws up his mouth held by hand. Later that day, Rishi was the proud owner of the record for “ most straws stuffed in a mouth and holding them with the hands”.

Mommy’s proud, Son. *salute*

3. One word: EARHAIR! (Hair on the ears)
I am hereby taking the privilege to question your audio awareness.


What kind of waves around your ears are the longest? Did you just answer “Sound Waves”?

Speak for yourself then. You probably offended Antony Victor! His sound waves are no close to his ear-hair waves. And that’ll be a bang-for-your-buck 18.1cm of hair locks on his ears!

4. 103 characters typed in 47 seconds!
Muhammed Khurshid Hussain typed “Guinness World Records has challenged me to type this sentence in shortest time” over and over until he hit 103 characters. Once he was done, the stopwatch showed 47 seconds and MK Hussain had broken a previous world record of 53 seconds.


103 characters in 47 seconds? Pfft, even I could do that. However, MK Hussain hit the world record for typing that many characters at that pace using his nose, and hands tied at the back!

5. The 4 metre moustache:
This is possibly the most insane of all! While most men worry a patchy growth of facial hair, Ram Singh Chauhan feels blessed with more than what he could ask for, in this regard.

Longest mustache

Chauhan, the proud owner of a 14ft long moustache will tell you that it’s a “man thing”.

To achieve this ‘feet’ (all puns intended), Ram Singh had been growing it all since 1970s. The result couldn’t have been manlier! A 4.26 metre long moustache of Rajasthan, the world’s biggest!

6. The lightbulb toss:
Throwing light bulbs isn’t as easy as it sounds. Harshvardhan Gupta of Delhi knows it all. When he set out to break a record, Gupta discovered his fondness for throwing.

A careful observation of the records gave him an option among waterballoons, peanuts and lightbulbs. Light bulbs didn’t choose Gupta, he chose them. He right away bought a bulb, hit a nearby park and threw it 104.6ft above. Meanwhile, the record was 106.7ft.

With determination, in one of the days followed, after much overcoming of difficulties, H. Gupta broke the record at an abandoned mall in Delhi.

7, The Legendary Squat:
This one’s a coordinator favourite. Nikhil Shukla is the individual responsible for adjudicating Guinness Records in India. He’d pick the story of this Dairy farmer from Mumbai.

The dairy farmer would squat for decades, just as an exercise. Only recently, he gave it enough significance to consider a record  in the making. If asked why, he’d tell you the most legen*wait for it*dary thing ever:
“My daughter is going to get married next year, and I’m going to retire soon,” the farmer told Shukla. “I want her husband’s family to know that I can do something like this, that I’m worth something. I want to make a mark.”

The challenge is still being processed. May the legend get acknowledged!

Let us now conclude that weird is the new cool. Also, we Indians are thus the masters of cool, be it our normal lives or our record setting behaviour! From flag tattoos to moustaches longer than an average basketball player’s height, we have it all. Until future hits us with more wicked and weird Indian record breakages, we shall hold on to the pride.




By S. Shahid Abdul Majeed



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