Does God really exist?

By Mallika Sarna


Can existence prevail outside our beautiful world? Is there something that tries to protect us from evil? How did evolution take place? Who created everything? If Adam and Eve’s story is to be believed, who created them? Is there a supernatural power that tries to protect us? These are some questions that have conflicting answers and cannot be ignored. We cannot turn a deaf ear to such questions!

The term “GOD”, who is said to be the supreme creator of the world and is eternal, infinite and has no limits or boundaries, has been a topic of discussion for ages. Natural sciences have not been able to derive proofs for the existence of such a being. Philosophers have been arguing over this issue for a long time now. But the religious texts say something different about this supreme being. According to them, GOD DOES EXIST and he has created everything that exists. For example: BHAGVAD GITA.

There is a saying “seeing is believing”, meaning that we believe in those thing that we see. Now can you think of things that exist but cannot be seen? Just see the subtle radio or micro waves that travel to your mobile phones, to your Laptops while accessing the internet through Wi-Fi technology, all those FM channels that you get in radio, seeing the television through dish technology etc. All these are examples of those invisible rays that actually travel through this invisible space & reaches to your various instruments like, mobiles, radio, TV etc. Such subtle rays do exist but we cannot see these with our eyes, yet we can see the effects of such invisible rays. Similarly as we do not see God, many of us do not believe in him. But just like invisible rays travelling to your mobile, FM radio, TV etc, God too exists in an invisible form & is sitting silently within this infinite space watching all of our actions. Now if you have faith in this then you shall believe in God, otherwise not. As a matter of fact, God exists if you have Faith in Him, otherwise not. ‘Faith” in God is prime to know about His existence.

If we perceive this argument from a philosopher’s eyes, for example Kant who rejected the traditional arguments for existence of God: Ontological, Cosmological and the teleological, all such theoretical arguments fail as their aim transcends the capabilities of human reason. These philosophers are of the view that such metaphysical issues cannot have a definite conclusion otherwise philosophy would lose its meaning! For them, discussions and arguments do not have a termination point.


Faith is a word that Atheists refute. God requires us to have faith. While the clues to God’s existence are there in his creation of the Universe, I think that faith is sometimes needed to validate this point. God will not visually show himself in the sky to the human race just to prove the point that he exists. Then, faith would not be required at all. God wants us to have it, and not for the solely purpose of His existence, but to do works too.

Do you ever wonder about this: Something had to create everything, because nothing can’t create anything. Zero will always equal zero. Nothing can’t create something. A house has an architect, a painting has a painter, a car has an engineer, anything man-made we can think of, had a designer. Equally, the Universe had also a designer.


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