Scarsdale American International School in Lahore is an elite school that recently witnessed a violent incident of a student assaulting a fellow student. A video, which is now viral, has captured the incident. A number of angry Pakistani netizens have reacted to the bullying, some going so far as to condemn it as “haraam” and blame television dramas for influencing the youth.

Apart from the girl assaulting her fellow student by holding her, pushing her head against the floor, punching her, and pulling her hair, two other students are also seen participating, while a third is an onlooker. The allegedly bullied girl is being asked to apologise.

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School’s Reaction

The school claims to have a zero-tolerance policy to bullying in any form. It condemns the gruesome act and reiterates that it upholds the values of honor, respect, compassion and responsibility.

It also reminds the students that bullying is not to be tolerated or encouraged, either as a victim or as an onlooker.

Twitter’s Outrage

Many people took to Twitter to express their outrage at the crime.

Do you think popular television dramas are to be blamed for such mishaps? Let us know in the comment section.

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