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Friendly Fridays Chapter 47: Comedian & Actor Cyrus Sahukar


Hi, folks!

ED is back with a new chapter of Friendly Fridays.

This week we have with us our quintessential bachelor, very popular, wittily hilarious, not so serious, Cyrus Sahukar.

An actor, a VJ  and also a stand-up comedian, on talking to Cyrus, we realized how spontaneous and fun he is. His take on life is admirable and keeps him at his tactful best.


Without further ado, let’s move on to ED’s rendezvous with Cyrus Sahukar.

Team ED: ‘Semi Girebaal’ recorded higher ratings than the original show. We at ED give you the chance for Season 2 of the same. Who is the one celeb that you will definitely have on the show?

Cyrus Sahukar: Anyone from the BJP would be great to have.

Team ED: Word is that a Khoobsurat spinoff with you and Aditi Rao Hydari is in the making. Your thoughts?

Cyrus Sahukar: It could be an interesting situation since I was playing this rich, crazy Parsi guy and she was a lost princess. But I’m pretty sure they’d not end up together. I think I’d like a sleuth sort of situation where I’d end up taking the princess for all her money and running away. So much better than these dull happy endings. I’d add a crazy twist to the end.

Team ED: Of all the movies you’ve acted in, which role is nearest to you as a person?

Cyrus Sahukar: I’d be closest to the character, Govind, played by me in Love Breakups Zindagi.

Team ED: Where do you think India stands at world level for Stand Up Comedy, given that so many people are taking this as a profession?

Cyrus Sahukar: At the world level, I think we are really far behind. Now, people say, India is not ready for comedy which is not true because people are ready, but there is still so much we can’t talk about. I think they let you abuse, it’s like a toy they have given you to play with so you think you’ve got some freedom, but you really can’t talk about what’s going on. Which is why most of us can only talk about “ My mother just joined the internet”, “My father just got on twitter”. Also, it’s a tough comparison because professional stand-up comedy in India is not an old profession whereas it has been in America for like hundreds of years. They have got like a 100 comedy clubs and we have like, 4. So, I’d say it’s a very tough medium to expect so much from but it’s progressing leaps and bounds.

Team ED: If you could be an Indian Superhero, what desi weapon would you have?

A killer Jhadoo, Dada ji ke X-ray waale specs, etc?

Cyrus Sahukar: I’d be a lame superhero because I am very lazy. I don’t like the idea of getting up late at night like Batman and Shitman. I’d be like a getting-the-small-shit-done superhero like if your toaster is not working or your geyser is bad; all the easy stuff.

I’d rather be someone to tell you what to do. All the other stuff I’d leave to Superman and all. So, I’d be a supervising superhero. Otherwise, I think it’s too much work. Getting up at 4 in the morning to help somebody, how exhausting that’d be!


Team ED: You are on a boat with RaGa and NaMo. One song that describes the situation.

Cyrus Sahukar: Any song from Titanic.

Team ED: Right here, right now, make up an item number that would rock our world.

Cyrus Sahukar: Anything from the great one-liners used here in Delhi. Things like “toh toh ki flight ho chuki hai”.

Team ED: Fill in the blanks with the following options:

Cyrus Brocha, Jose, Chunky Pandey.

” I would make out with ___, slowly torture ___, and exchange lives with ___”.

Cyrus Sahukar: I would make out with myself. Post this I’d probably torture myself to death and I would exchange lives with even a bandicoot living alone in a lane in Bandra.

Team ED: Would you rather choose Shaktimaan  or Chacha Chaudhary? Why?

Cyrus Sahukar: I’d definitely choose Chacha Chaudhary over Shaktimaan  because I’ve always loved Chacha Chaudhary. I used to read a lot of it. He was super smart and also, I liked Chacha Chaudhary’s problems, they were not really massive problems. And also, people don’t realize but he had a certain amount of laziness in him. That’s where I draw inspiration from.

Team ED: After the government banning beef, what else do you see getting banned for ‘Ache Din’ as promised?

Cyrus Sahukar: You know, all comedians are very happy that things get banned. They get great material. They are very joyful. As long as they don’t lift the ban we are very happy. I seriously think they are going to reach a point where in the excitement of banning things they will ban the ban.

Team ED: So, lastly Cyrus! Let’s see how spontaneous you can be.

Tanmay, Khamba, Rohan or Ashish: Tanmay

Best dressed Victoria’s Secret model: Names, I don’t know man. They are not like my Facebook friends.

The best way to have a smooth motion in the morning: You need to take Kayam Churan or Yakult before, or live on leaves.

Beer, Wine, Whiskey: Whiskey

How do you like your steak?: I like it medium to well done.

Has your world ever been rocked?: Ya, like, every alternate day.

High school nickname: Sai, Sahu, Psycho. I don’t think there was a nickname. They just couldn’t pronounce it correctly.

Something you do that drives people crazy: The most complained about is I’ll take your advice, but I’m not really listening till you come up with an answer which will match mine. Also, sometimes I think I talk too much which gets exhausting for others.

Ghosts– are around

Team ED: One life advice you’d like to give to ED readers.

Cyrus Sahukar: Remember, in your career run the marathon, not short sprints.

Cyrus is surely one of the coolest people in Bollywood.


(ED’s Navni Bhatia, Anshika Sabhani and Vageesha Bainwala with Cyrus Sahukar)

Thank you so much, Cyrus, for giving us time. We loved every bit of this Friendly Fridays interview with you. 

With that, it’s a wrap of this fun-filled edition of Friendly Fridays. We will be back again next week, with some more fun and friendly chats. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

See you again next week, till then, adios!

(Interview conceptualised and taken by Navni Bhatia, Anshika Sabhani and Vageesha Bainwala)

Friendly Fridays
Friendly Fridays
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