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DreamLab App: It Lets You Contribute To Cancer Research By Donating Your MOBILE DATA!


By Priyansu Ganguly


DreamLab  is an app like no other.

Its stuns me to realize that idle processing power under fully charged conditions of your smartphone could be used for something as humbling as cancer research!!

Wait, what??

You heard me right, this beauty crunches phone data when fully charged and feeds them to The Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia, where research scholars might use it for cancer studies.

How It Works:  DreamLab app uses the processing power of an idle smartphone, and focuses to make the best out of this energy in helping cancer studies.

What I Do:  You download the app, specify the cancer field/s you want to contribute, specify the amount of mobile data you’re willing to contribute (start with zero if you’re not convinced) and voila you’re good to go!!

Collective contribution, show me a better example!!

Pros: A unique facet of technology that aims at doing well, rather than manufacturing killer weapons.  UI scores fairly fine, RAM usage low. Once installed, the least attention is desired. Easily available on the Google Play Store.

Cons: Data charges (except Australia Vodafone, obviously) are a downside, although most users would not worry about it. Would be an absolute delight if telecom service providers would bear to be kinder (and wiser!).

USP: Contributors can keep track of their contribution through specialized score sheets. Mentions the amount of data and the time that you have contributed. Isn’t that awesome??

Will you try it? Tell us in the comments below.



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