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Five Bollywood Movies That Deserve A Sequel

We do have some good movies in Bollywood but there are some movies which are too good that you feel the climax came too fast. You feel like there is more to it and some more of the story to be told.

Tanu weds Manu 2 did a stupendous job living up to the expectations of its prequel.

A sequel to Gangs of Wasseypur is expected to come in 2016.

Let us have a look on few movies which we would love to see a sequel.



An honest portrayal of a middleclass Indian family, Khosla ka Ghosla was a heartening comedy. The ups and downs in the sly tricks of Khurana and survival of Khosla was lovely to watch and Dibakar Bannerjee had a great debut. Witty dialogues like Jab badi machli ko phaasna hai toh pehle choti machli ko phaanso … badi machli khud-ba-khud chali aayegi” had quality humour in it. It would be worthwhile watching Khurana’s new plots on hijacking Khosla’s nest though everyone would want Khosla to win in the end.



Munnabhai movies was a dream debut a director could have. We laughed until our tummies ached for both the first and second part. It would be awesome to see Munna and Circuit’s next adventure.




Mumbai neo noir movies have been in vogue since Satya. But the shootout series adhered to the reality (augmenting it a bit in the edges) and gave it digestible form which was accepted both by critics and masses. Shootout and encounter murders are revealed day after day in declassified document and the movie would also give an interesting take on the status quo of politics, bureaucracy and crime.



An average Delhite’s story would be a tagline for Fukrey. With the rising cut off marks, there are many students who struggle to get an admission to colleges. Youngsters confused between passions and profession with or without supportive families are a stark reality which was well depicted in the movie sugar coated with Hunny and Choocha’s unique dream interpretation theory. Last time Bholi Punjabaan messed with the four and got trapped and it would be good to see how the four and their love interests catch up with life today.

5. PK


PK ended with a hint showing that there would be sequel. One guy from the other planet let the hell loose in Delhi in the first movie. One can only imagine what would indeed be the situation if two aliens land this time. Waiting for you to be back “tharki chokro”!!

That would be the list of Bollywood movies that has a scope of a successful sequel.

These movies did not just make few production companies rich, they contributed to the entertainment level growth too.

Do you agree with us?

If you feel like we have missed out a few movies that deserve a sequel do let us know.

Do share some movies that you feel deserve a sequel.



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