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Beef Ban And A Murder: Rationality = 0


A muslim man was lynched in Uttar Pradesh the past week. Reason? It was RUMOURED that he possessed and had consumed beef. “RUMOUR”. In the middle of the night, the door of his house was broken down. He and his son were thrashed with bricks while the other family members were also assaulted. No doubt, this is going to leave the family in trauma for years to come.


The emphasis lies on the fact that the murder was committed based on a rumour and yes, the rumour had no substance except for a dead calf being found near the temple and “blood” on this Muslim’s family doorstep. The villages decided to be their own CID and then, this happened. Lesson: Everyone can’t be a cop but anyone can be a murderer. Like seriously, what were these people thinking? They definitely were out of their minds.

True wisdom came from the government of UP, who have often been associated with the rise in ‘gunda raaj’ in the state of UP. They sent the meat found in the house of the victim for forensic investigation. Why? To determine the animal it belonged to. Hopeless as it may be, in a state, where there is no ban on beef consumption, getting the meat tested is prioritized over the delivery of justice for a man who was butchered (pun intended).  Such prudence!


Now shifting focus to the PM of the world’s largest democracy and his government. Is it only me or has everyone else noticed a surge in anti-nationalists elements trying to enforce the Hindutva ideology on the people? Yes, Hindutva may be the official ideology of the Bharatiya Janta Party but India is unlike any other country. The Preamble has the word “secular” quite clearly stated in it. In a state where cattle slaughter is banned (Maharashtra, for instance), there was no requirement for a ban on beef. So why are they imposing beef ban in states?


Cow is JUST a sacred animal in India. But so are many other animals like ox or buffalo which also constitute beef. And it’s sacred to a particular group in a big secular country. How often have we taken into account the other religions in India?


Does the rationality of people who kill because of a rumour go down the drain? Well, killing a human either way is not the right choice you make.

Is this the India of tomorrow that we look forward to? Eating beef or not eating beef is a personal choice. If it offends you, don’t eat it. If it goes against your religion, please don’t impose this on other religions. Let a secular country remain so!


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