“All roads lead to Rome.”

Everybody has heard of this phrase but nobody quite surely knows where it comes from. However, my quick research tells me that it is a proverb from medieval times that celebrates the great Roman civilisation.

Hence, it was an ironic tragedy when hundreds of birds lay dead on these roads in Rome a day ago.

From the caught footage of the situation in Rome

As the entire world participated in New Year’s Day celebrations, Rome also cherished the moment by setting off a vast display of firecrackers.

As a result of the same, the city witnessed a distressing sight – hundreds of birds, identified as starlings, lying dead on the streets in and around the Termini train station.

Specific Causes of Death

It has been speculated that the birds experienced a shock from the massive fireworks. They might have died by hitting on windows as a result of being disoriented by the situation. Some may have also been electrocuted by hitting high-voltage cables.

Loredana Diglio, who is part of the International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA), also stated that the birds could have died from fear or heart attack. The massive death is the result of these birds flocking together in groups during such a disturbing situation.

While the OIPA has not confirmed these causes, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) stated that although there is minimal direct and conclusive evidence that firecrackers can affect endangered and vulnerable birds, they can still harm the habitat and natural reserves of the birds. These birds roost in different corners of the city.

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Here’s a video of the incident.


A not-so-good start to a New Year

While many social media users had suspicions that the photos could be photoshopped, both the authorities have confirmed that it is not.

The incident is even more concerning because it happened despite the government having already banned fireworks, in order to protect the people, environment and heritage site. There was also a 10 PM curfew in place, which the citizens of Italy did not follow cautiously.

The OIPA is proposing that a ban on firecrackers for private use should become more stringent to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Many passers-by and people in Italy commented on it as the “disgusting side of human nature.”

Fireworks have been a subject of debate for a long time, but the human fascination for brilliant lights in the night sky has dominated the protection of living beings. Hopefully, 2021 will reinforce an important lesson as a result of the same.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Daily Mail UK,  Euro Weekly News, The Sun  

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