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Find peace of mind with TrackingFox’s GPS tracker for your car


Keeping track of your car or other vehicle is crucial if you want to feel safe anywhere, anytime. But a lot of tracking solutions are difficult to install and use, leaving users feeling frustrated quite often. 

And that’s exactly where TrackingFox comes in. TrackingFox is the number one GPS tracker for your car. It doesn’t matter the make or model, or even the country – TrackingFox can be installed in under one minute. 

All you need to do is plug the GPS tracker under the steering wheel into the OBD socket, download the app, and instantly view your car’s location on your smartphone.

This is a great solution not just for personal use, but also businesses who want to keep track of their vehicles. TrackingFox allows users to:

  • Get real-time tracking and history, allowing them to see the exact location of their vehicle at any time and see the driving history
  • Get anti-theft alerts if the engine starts, suspicious car movement is detected, or the device is disconnected
  • Get places alerts whenever the vehicle exits designated locations such as your home, school, office, etc.
  • Get driving behavior analysis that allows you to see when the maximum speed has been exceeded, distance traveled, average speed and more.

As you can see, TrackingFox provides a lot of advantages in a very small size. Weighing just 33 grams, this GPS tracking device has an accuracy of 10 meters. TrackingFox will also work in any weather, from -20C all the way up to 70C.

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