Fake Friendly Fridays is a section where we pick a famous personality and throw fake questions at him/her and in return, we receive fake answers. Why should you not take it seriously? Because it is fake.

If you still didn’t get it: This is a fake interview written purely on the basis of the author’s imagination of how the actual interview would have been if we got the chance to interview these famous (some, for all the wrong reasons) personalities in real life. In short, just have a good laugh!


ED: Karan, it’s such a pleasure to sit down with you, a man who’s practically synonymous with subtlety and modesty. Karan, first of all, we’re dying to know – how do you manage to stay out of the limelight? It’s like you have this magical ability to avoid any kind of attention.

Karan Johar: Oh, you know, it’s just a skill I’ve developed over the years. I try to keep a low profile, stay away from controversies, and never share my opinions. It’s really the key to being unnoticed in this industry.

But jokes aside, the truth is, the film industry is a tough nut to crack, and having a famous last name might just be the golden ticket someone needs. I’m just here to provide opportunities, sprinkle a little stardust, and, of course, host fabulous parties where the real networking magic happens!

So, next time you think of me as the ultimate director to have limelight in Bollywood, just remember, it’s not nepotism; it’s destiny unfolding in designer outfits and perfectly choreographed dance sequences. Cheers to being the fairy godparent of the star-studded realm!

ED: Speaking of controversies, how do you handle the constant accusations of nepotism? It must be tough being a flagbearer for talent from less privileged backgrounds.

Karan Johar: Oh, it’s a real struggle, you know? I mean, introducing only star kids in my movies, launching them with a silver spoon – it’s a burden I bear for the industry. But hey, who needs fresh talent when you can have the same surnames on every movie poster, am I right? 

Well, you know, being the benevolent figure in Bollywood comes with its own set of challenges. It’s not easy being the Oprah Winfrey of star kids, but someone has to distribute golden tickets to the glitterati, right?

Imagine me as the fairy godparent of the film industry, waving my magical director’s wand and turning aspiring actors into Bollywood royalty. It’s a tough job, but I graciously accept the responsibility.

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You see, when it comes to nepotism, I’m just a misunderstood philanthropist of the silver screen. It’s not favouritism; it’s just my natural instinct to nurture talent that happens to be genetically linked to someone famous. It’s like a cosmic coincidence that these deserving star kids happen to share their gene pool with the who’s who of Bollywood.

And let’s not forget, I have an uncanny ability to spot talent even in the most crowded family trees. It’s like a superpower—call it the “Nepotism Radar.” I can sense potential in a star kid before they even decide to pursue a career in acting. It’s almost clairvoyant, if I do say so myself.

ED: Right. And let’s talk about your talk show, ‘Koffee with Karan.’ It’s been hailed as a groundbreaking platform for discussing hard-hitting issues like… well, nothing, really. How do you manage to keep the intellectual bar so high?

Karan Johar:  (laughs) Oh, it’s a challenge, you know? Finding the right balance between absolute fluff and intellectual discourse is an art. I mean, discussing fashion choices and relationships is basically the modern version of Socratic dialogues, don’t you think?

‘Koffee with Karan,’ my personal therapy disguised as a talk show. You see, my secret lies in my magnetic personality—like a human-sized gossip magnet. People can’t help but be drawn to me; it’s a cross I bear, the burden of being the keeper of Tinseltown’s juiciest tidbits.

It all started when I accidentally stumbled upon the elixir of charm while mixing my signature blend of coffee. It turned out, it wasn’t just the caffeine that kept people awake; it was my irresistible charisma. I like to think of it as the secret ingredient in my brew—star power, if you will.

Celebrities enter my talk show thinking they’ll discuss movies, but little do they know, they’re about to spill the beans on their entire lives. It’s like they’re under the influence of a truth serum, but in reality, it’s just my sparkling wit and the perfectly brewed coffee.

I have this knack for making celebrities feel like they’re catching up with an old friend rather than being grilled by an interviewer. The atmosphere is so cozy and inviting; they forget they’re on national television and start divulging their deepest, darkest secrets. It’s almost like a glamorous group therapy session, but with better lighting and more sequins.

So, the next time you’re wondering how I became the Bollywood whisperer, just remember, it’s not magic; it’s just the enchanting aura of ‘Koffee with Karan’ and a pinch of star-studded charm. Cheers to spilled beans and caffeinated confessions!

ED: Do you think it’s your unparalleled storytelling or the groundbreaking gender politics in films like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ that makes them timeless?  ‘Dostana,’ for instance, tackled homosexuality with such grace and sensitivity.

Karan Johar: It’s a tough one, really. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a film where a woman transforms from a tomboy to someone ‘acceptable’ by donning a saree? It’s practically Shakespearean. And the gender politics – let’s just say I was way ahead of my time, unintentionally, of course.

I believe comedy is the best way to approach serious issues. Nothing says ‘let’s discuss LGBTQIA+ matters seriously’ like a laugh track in the background, right?

ED: Spot on. Now, on a more serious note, there have been claims that you’re a trendsetter in Bollywood. From fashion to business ventures, you seem to have your finger on the pulse of what’s relevant. Any tips for those struggling to be as influential as you?

Karan Johar: Well, it’s simple, really. Surround yourself with star kids, wear sequined jackets, and make sure your movies are as predictable as possible. Oh, and never forget to mention how difficult your life is while sipping on your coffee.

ED: Wise words, Karan. Truly an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and gossip enthusiasts everywhere. Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom with us today.

Karan Johar: Always a pleasure. And remember, sequins make everything better – even interviews.

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