When the coronavirus pandemic swept through the country and the Indian government installed the nation-wide lockdown, it locked down several people inside their homes.

Some people were living alone, some with their families and some were couples. A few months later, there were even several reports and studies on what effect the lockdown had on the relationships between family members.

While certain people said that the lockdown allowed them more time with their family or those living alone found new hobbies, the couples presented some interesting things.

It seems that even a lockdown though was not enough for some people to be monogamous if we go by the recent data revealed by an extra-marital app.

Are Indians Cheating On Their Partners?

We live in a digital age, and so what if someone cannot go out to meet new people and eventually cheat on their partner.

There is the online space, where you don’t just get your daily essentials but can even enter into an extra-marital affair.

A French extra-marital dating app called Gleeden recently came out with the news that they had crossed over 13 lakh subscribers in India.

On Tuesday, they stated that the COVID-19 pandemic had actually resulted in their subscription rate shooting up over the past three months.

As per reports, their subscriptions over the months of September, October and November in India increased by over 24.6%.

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This is quite a change from the earlier months of June, July and August and since 2019, it has been said that time spent on the website has tripled.

As many as 2.5 lakh users came on board the app in just the last two months and the site overall has seen an increase of around three lakh subscribers over the past four months itself.

Interestingly, Bengaluru ranked number 1 in the number of users, comprising around 16.2% of Indian users of Gleeden.

Mumbai comes second with it making up around 15.6% of Indian Gleeden users while Delhi is in third place with 15.4% of Indian users.

According to reports, the site also stated that Indians on average spend around 3.5 hours on chat that is just slightly longer as compared to Europeans.

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Sources: Deccan Herald, Business Insider India, The Tribune

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