October 4: Natural ingredient-based products are a rage all over India. From celebrities to common people, everyone’s inclination toward organic products is evident. To tap the emerging market, Lakshmi Krishna Naturals entered the market and took it by storm. The brand was launched in March 2018 and grew exponentially in a span of mere four years. It has received several titles and is one of the most desired natural product brands across India. The founder of Lakshmi Krishna Naturals aspires to spread awareness about the multiple benefits of organic products over harsh chemical-induced products.

Lakshmi Krishna Naturals offers a wide range of products with over 300 products, ranging in skincare, haircare, and other wellness arenas. In four years, this organic brand has managed to reach audiences in more than 25 countries with tens of thousands of happy customers. The founders of Lakshmi Krishna Naturals – Mohan and Nithya – conceived the idea to explore this market after Mohan’s niece suffered skin-related problems. Several dermatologists recommended various medications and products to treat the problems but nothing made it better. That’s when Mohan turned to their grandmother’s nuska. Natural products not only soothe the problem but also help manage it effectively and efficiently.

After several certification courses and hands on practice, Mohan developed the skill to make soap from organic elements without harsh chemicals. On March 3rd, 2018, Mohan launched the brand Lakshmi Krishna Naturals. Since its inception, this organic skincare brand has established a strong brand image and goodwill amongst its target audience.

In 2020, the e-commerce brand Lakshmi Krishna Naturals won the best South Indian Beauty care Brand of the Year by SHE Awards. Furthermore, entrepreneur Mohan dedicates his efforts and knowledge to their grandmother.

Mohan shares, “We aim to provide personal organic products with natural solutions across the globe. With this, we emphasise on encouraging the use of products made in India.”

Lakshmi Krishna Naturals will soon be hitting 400K on Instagram. Individuals can explore their wide range of organic products for skin and hair-related problems on its user-friendly website. To further simplify the shopping experience, users can download the app on their android and Apple smartphones too.


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