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Evolife Emerges As An Up And Coming Fitness Fashion Brand


Evolife is the brain child of Yuki Sorci who happens to be a former pro MMA fighter. He then moved on to bodybuilding and designed this brand 3.5 years ago.

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan, January 12, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE : Yuki Sorci is a former pro MMA fighter who decided to move to bodybuilding and have been competing in men’s physique for quite some time now. Owing to the suggestions from fans, he decided to open a new line of fitness apparel because there weren’t a great deal of option in Japan at that time.

His decision to include a little bit of street wear in the collection to give it a unique taste seem to have paid off because the athleisure clothes are sold in over 20 different nations. The brand Evolife also managed to have their distribution in the USA too.

One of the key spokesmen for the site was quoted as saying, “At Evolife, our focus is always on quality because we want people to truly love the comfort of our fabric and also the design. This is the reason our team work round the clock to bring forth the best designs.”

Yuki Sorci absolutely loves fasting and it is this inner desire that fuelled the ambition to make some of the best unique clothing that could cater to fitness enthusiasts all over the world. The company runs several offers from time to time and they are looking to expand their target base significantly.

Of course, there is a lot of competition in the market as small and big brands have been making apparels for fitness freaks so that they could carry out their workout sessions in their preferred attire. One can check @evolifeapparel on Instagram to behold the exquisite and unique collection that this brand has to offer.

Yuki Sorci is of the opinion that he wants more and more people to fall in love with his brand because he is a man of big dreams. He doesn’t wish to stop anytime soon. He wants his brand to not just be limited to Japan but grow worldwide and especially set a firm foothold in the USA market.

Those who would like to know more about Yuki Sorci and the man he is and what his aspirations and passion truly are; they can follow his Instagram handle at @aesthetic_ys

The brand was manifested 3.5 years ago and ever since then, it has grown manifold and continues to grow. The developers have left no some unturned to make sure that their apparel quality stays top notch.

Those who would like to explore the collection and even the ones wishing to place an order should make it a point to visit https://www.evolifeapparel.com/

About Evolife

Evolife is an up and coming fashion brand that mainly targets the fitness enthusiasts. The company is upbeat about making affordable fitness apparel and that too with a unique taste and style.

Contact information
Website: https://www.evolifeapparel.com/

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