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4 Actionable Social Media Insights by Akshay Pathak for 2021


Akshay and his team at My Digital Buddy have been working for more than 5 years with hundreds of creators, marketing professionals, brands across the globe. Akshay has been very closely associated with these experts and has been giving his consultation in formulating a social media strategy for 2021.

He has never been shy in discussing his predictions and strategies when it comes to social media since he believes in implementation and not everyone is good at implementing. He says that among all those discussions, predictions and planning; 3 points were very much in common. 

Below are the 4 common points raised by Mr. Pathak:

1 One should pay maximum attention to LinkedIn’s organic growth

LinkedIn’s organic reach has been the talk of the town in the social media space. What Instagram used to be in 2015 and early 2016 is what LinkedIn is at the moment. Brands can take advantage of this opportunity and try and maximize their activity on LinkedIn in order to grow organically. 

2 Video content shall continue to rule

With the introduction of this 15 seconds world in the form of Instagram reels, the majority of the audience attention shall still be in the video section be it on Instagram Reels or IGTV or YouTube, or even the new upcoming platforms emerging after the TikTok ban in India. The video market is wide and is here to stay. 

If someone is starting in 2021 or wants to uplift their game in 2021, videos are what they should be making. 

3 Podcasts shall be the new favorite 

As per the latest insight reports, there are more than 37 Million Youtube channels with only 1.7 Million Podcast channels (as per Podcast Insights). There is an immense amount of opportunities in this domain and brands need to tap on this domain ASAP.

They won’t just get numbers, but a connected community which is far better than having ‘n’ number of page likes on Facebook. 

4 Level up your stories on all social media platforms 

Stories which was initially started by Snapchat and later Instagram in 2016 followed by Facebook and Whatsapp in 2017 also came up with the stories feature and has been a hot favorite since the very beginning. As of 2021, not just these platforms but YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter’s story feature shouldn’t be ignored at all. One should give due attention to the story feature on all the platforms equally. 

If creators and brands follow these 4 strategies along with what they have been doing, they would definitely be able to crush through their social media game in 2021. 

Akshay Pathak is the founder and partner at My Digital Buddy, a Gurugram-based digital marketing firm that works with individuals and brands and helps them achieve their digital media goals by formulating and implementing a 360-degree marketing campaign.

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