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The Upcoming Music Sensation: HARV


Meet HARV, the upcoming music artist who is on his way to becoming one of the biggest music sensations. He has started his career at a young age and is still experimenting with various kinds of genres that come under music. He does not want the world to categorize him as a specific type of music artist. With the utmost dedication and hard work that he shows towards his work, he is sure to win millions of hearts soon.

HARV describing his early days 

HARV grew up in Stoney Creek, Ontario. He hails from a Punjabi middle-class family, which is not very fond of music. He is 23 years old and still finding out who he is, in terms of music. In the past years, HARV was an average student. He did not like attending school at all and was always getting in some type of trouble leading to his parents asking him to stay away from other people.

New beginnings towards music 

HARV mentions that he started enjoying music when his father gifted him his first Walkman back in the 2000s. He was a young kid who always used to burn CDs on LimeWire and try to get the latest songs on the BET channel as he used to watch it at his grandma’s house after school. Gradually, he gravitated towards the hip-hop genre in music. He started making beats in high school. One of his close friends suggested him to put vocals on the beats and start writing original songs. He made his first song after he graduated from high school. The first couple of songs did not do well for HARV but he knew that he would work extremely hard to achieve success.

HARV explaining his work profile 

HARV states that he is an artist. He does not like it when people categorize him as just a ‘Rapper’ because he believes he can do a lot of things, either it is producing, recording, or engineering his music.

A moment that changed HARV’s life for the better 

HARV tells that his song ‘LINE’ was debuted in July and after a few months; the song generated a buzz and caught the attention of the trap soul’s camp. Bryson tiller and his Manager reached out to HARV and said that they loved the song and told him to keep up with his work as he is on the right path. HARV says that this was not exactly a life-changing moment for him. However, he considers the compliment in very high regard.

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