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The track Kesariya is a major depiction of Hindu imagery in the entire movie, “Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva.” Shot in Varanasi, a city also known as the heart of all Indian Hindus, the song celebrates the religion with great pomp and pleasure.

Through the images of temples and the hero-heroines performance of Hindu rituals in front of a shivling, the cinema brings various aspects of Hindutva culture and religion.

However, the couple had to go through an unpleasant offscreen experience to shoot a scene as they were not allowed to enter inside a Ujjain temple over a remark by Ranbir Kapoor in 2011 on beef consumption. His statement might have hurt the sentiments of some Hindutva believers. They caused trouble during the shooting of the film.

A Bajrang Dal leader said to the reporters, “We will not allow them to worship at the holy Mahakaleshwar temple as a few days back Ranbir had said that he likes to eat mutton, chicken and beef in non-veg food.”

However, Shiva and Isha’s love story is outlined with profound Hinduism. Even though some Hindutva followers were triggered to start a #boycottBrahmastra campaign, the film entirely and ironically stood out for eulogizing the Hindu religion.

Let us see what our friends think about all the religious fuss regarding “Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva.”

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