Over the past few days, there was a lot of hype and sadness being spread around that the iconic Cartoon Network, a channel that shows animated cartoon shows, was being shut down. It has not been hidden from anyone that the studio has not really been doing as well as during its golden age and has been struggling at least a little given the other competition it has been facing from other studios.

Still, Cartoon Network’s brand value has remained solid over the almost 30 years it has been in existence and for many people was an integral part of their childhood, perhaps some even revisit it today if they want to indulge in some nostalgia or have kids of their own.

So naturally, news of the studios being shut down created a lot of buzz with people instantly posting rest in peace (RIP) posts and talking about how meaningful the channel was to them.

But the question here is, whether Cartoon Network is really shutting down or are people just making a mountain over a molehill?

Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down?

Just the brief news of the channel shutting down was enough to catch the attention of a lot of people who instantly trended the phrase with RIP memes and nostalgic posts.

However, it seems that the news is not as true as everyone was making it out to be with Warner Bros, the parent company saying that “Cartoon Network is not dead.” Warner Bros. Discovery also reportedly said that the rumours were inaccurate. The chairman of CN Studios said that the company would function just like it was despite a few employee layoffs.

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As per a Collider report, the real news is just that the animation teams of Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation will be merged into one as per a memo by the chairman Channing Dungey.

As per Variety, in the memo chairman Dungey said that “In Animation, run by Sam Register, President, Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, we are implementing a new streamlined structure in which the development and main production teams will now work across both Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios.”

The merger is part of a “strategic realignment” by Warner Bros. Discovery and comes after news came out that the Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) had laid off around 82 employees from the scripted, unscripted and animation areas, roughly around 26% of the total workforce.

But fans are still a bit concerned about how this will impact the studio since it means that Cartoon Network won’t remain an independent studio.

A Twitter user @wolfinsheeps or David DePasquale who’s an Art Director at Cartoon Network, however, has called out the media for spreading misinformation and panic among the general public on the fate of the studio.

They added that “I work there. You can stand by whatever you’d like, but you sensationalizing it and guiding people to extrapolate that CNS is basically dead is really shitty, especially for those of us who still have a job there. Do better.”

While replying to another user they said “Nobody has all the details, and anyone who claims to is selling you a false bill of goods.”

According to a Polygon report they spoke to a Warner Bros representative who stated that “CNS is not disappearing and that it still has many projects in development.”

This essentially means that so far, the shows of CN that are currently in production are not being canceled, or the channel for that matter. Going forward perhaps things could change, but as of now, Cartoon Network is not being shut down.

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