How much time do you spend with your family? Is your date more interested in his/her/their phone? Are people distancing themselves from you because you’re always staring at your screen?

And before you know it, you’re phubbed. As a result, you are slowly losing touch with all your friends, family and loved ones.

What Do We Mean By Phubbing? 

Phubbing or phone snubbing – might not be a term in your regular dictionary but it has undeniably become a part of your regular life. It is the act of neglecting the people around you to connect with the people around the globe, in simpler words: when you pay more attention to your phone than your family and friends. 

Phubbing has become a serious issue in today’s time. From the youth to the elderly, everybody is a victim of it. About 90% of the world’s population are phone addicts. It causes severe damage to one’s relationships.

How Phubbing Is Harming Your Relationships? 

Phubbing obstructs you from enjoying the moment you are in. If your eyes are constantly glued to your mobile screen, you will miss what is happening right in front of you. Besides love, attention is also a major factor in every relationship; be it with your parents, grandparents, children, partner or friends. 

Phubbing distances you from your loved ones and reduces intimacy in your relationships. Current researches claim that most marriages and love relationships are falling apart because of phubbing. Romance is dying among couples; partners bring their laptops to bed these days.

Of course, your partner will lose interest in you if you give all your attention to your phone. A healthy relationship demands care and effort. If you constantly keep using your phone in front of your partner or friends, it might make them feel unimportant in your life.

Phubbing also erodes parent-child relationships and can work like a sadistic cycle sometimes. For instance, when kids are neglected by their phubbing parents, they turn to YouTube or games and end up as phubbers themselves. You forget to spend quality time with your family while constantly gaping at your smartphones.

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The Key To Stop Phubbing Is In Your Hands

If you find that your phone is controlling you rather than the other way around, then it is time to take action. Setting boundaries and creating an effective time management schedule can help you balance your social and personal life. Engaging in conversations will help you build healthy relationships with the people around you.

Talking with people in real life is way more meaningful than chatting over the phone. However, if your partner or a family member is phubbing, be patient with them. Like others, they are also a part of this phubbing era.

Regular meditation will also help you sort your priorities and keep away from distractions.

If you do not want to miss out on your child’s first toddle or important dinner table conversations, keep your phone aside and participate in the present moment because they might never come back again.

Comment down if you’ve ever been phubbed or caught phubbing.

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