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The desire for companionship is an intrinsic human tendency. No matter who you are or where you are, we all want someone who can provide us with affection, appreciation, and acceptance.

We too in return want to shower people with the same. That is how we are designed by nature.

Human beings, by their very nature, are social beings. We thrive when we have a support system. We perform our best when we know we have people rooting for us. We are happier in the company of our friends, family, and even co-workers than we are alone. 

Imagine all this to come to a halt. Actually, we don’t have to even imagine, we witnessed it a few months ago and are still doing so. 

The pandemic brought our lives to a halt. We no longer were meeting people or going out of our homes. Most of us got sick of our homes and yearned for a connection. 

Honestly, thank god for the internet, it made the lockdown period a little tolerable. It came to the rescue when we missed our near and dear ones and it also helped us find new connections online.

While online dating apps existed much before the pandemic, it was not a surprise that they did remarkably well in the pandemic.

Love In The Times Of COVID

Dating apps really made finding new people and making new connections easier in times of pandemic. Call it boredom or the fear of loneliness, people did delve into the world of online dating and started talking more.

As per data released by Tinder, “Daily conversations have been up an average of 20 percent around the world, and the average length of the conversations is 25 percent longer. In India, conversations have been up an average of 39 percent and the average length of conversations is 28 percent longer.”

COVID Strain Isn’t The Only Thing That Evolved

Pretty much the entire world realised early on in the lockdown period that it will continue for a long time, for exactly how long, we were not sure but we postponed all the post lockdown plans. 

Online dating apps too realised this and added exciting features to ensure a fulfilling online experience.

While Tinder made Tinder passport-free for all users instead of just the premium ones, Bumble and Hinge, pushed forward their video calling and audio calling features to keep the users hooked. Realising the potential of the video calling feature, Tinder too added it to their app.

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But Does It Really Work?

Arguably, online dating apps do have a little notorious reputation when it comes to credibility. Yes, there are people “only for hookups” and there are people who indulge in activities like catfishing, yet all is not bad. It works for some and it doesn’t for others. 

Dating as a concept is still not very popular or accepted in India and people are hesitant to date in real life due to societal pressures, let alone online, but young India thinks differently and some of us are quite open about finding their love online. 

Let us see what young Indians between the age of 19-25 have to say about online dating apps:

Perhaps, we should give dating apps their due, after all, they are not all that bad.

What are your views on dating apps? Let us know in the comments section!

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