Getting a match on Tinder has always been a shady game. Some days you get a lot, and other days it’s as dry as the Thar Desert.

Well, the game is changing again now and you might need to modify your strategy to make sure you get those “You Got A Match” notifications.

How it used to work

The secret sauce behind Tinder (and other dating apps) has always been a closely guarded secret. What we do know is that it takes into account your age, gender, location etc for sure. The ranking system that the app used is called the Elo score.

It is the same as the system used to rank chess players based on their abilities by taking into account their relative skill and proficiency. Tinder used a similar system to assign every user a score.

Your score increased based on how many people swiped right on you, but that was biased. The more right swipes the person who swiped you had, the more your score increased.

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How it’s going to work now

Tinder has changed the game now. According to this blog published on their website, they aim to give you more meaningful matches.

There is an increased focus on user engagement i.e. you have to use the app more and swipe carefully, lazy swiping won’t work and will give you straight up bad matches.

You will have to use the app every day to sort through your matches, using it infrequently will lead to a degradation in the quality of your matches.

Tinder says in its blog “We prioritize potential matches who are active, and active at the same time.” This means that Tinder will become a much more dynamic platform.

The blog further says “We don’t want to waste your time showing you profiles of inactive users. We want you chatting and meeting IRL. And there’s nothing better than matching and immediately striking up a conversation. Using the app helps you be more front and center, see more profiles and make more matches. This is the most important part of our algorithm — and it’s totally in your control.”

Gone are the days of getting matches with someone you swiped right days ago, gone are the days when you could get a lot of matches even after being inactive for a lot of time.

Tinder wants to make people stick to its platform and leverage its user base to increase engagement. Not only is this a good step for the matching approach but a good step for Tinder as a company.

This would prevent people from dividing time between various dating apps. If they want matches, they have to stick to Tinder.

The results of this algorithm change will not exactly be immediately apparent and will be reflected in some time. Till then, cross your fingers and swipe away.

Sources: AskMen, Business StandardVox

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