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With the phrase “Me Too” that went viral following the Weinstein scandal, women from all over the world responded to the magnitude of the problem encompassing a wide range of behaviors from rape and sexual assault to unwanted hugs and clumsy seductions.

The shockwaves of the #MeToo movement even reverberated in the college campuses of India with the creation of anonymous naming and shaming lists on Facebook by Raya Sarkar accusing more than 50 Indian professors of sexual harassment.

Only time can tell whether “Naming and Shaming” is an effective tool exposing sexism in college campuses or just an open invitation to the generation of unverified lists meant to discredit the legitimate demand to transform universities into safer places for women.

There was a recent campaign started by a group of IIT Bombay students urging women to share their experiences about abuse, assault, and rape in the campus including cases where women were barred from wearing shorts and being body shamed.

A case was registered against the director of IIM Rohtak of sexually harassing an assistant professor after she was appointed to the post of assistant director last month.

We at ED, asked a few college-going students whether #MeToo is falling in line with regulations or steps necessary to prevent any unwanted contact or sexual harassment ever.

Let’s look at some of these responses.

1. Strict And Well Regulated Laws

#MeToo in Campus

2. Identify The Offenders

#MeToo in Campus

3. Acknowledge Consent

#MeToo in Campus

4. Non-Partiality In Serving Justice

#MeToo in Campus

5. Fear Of Being Silenced

#MeToo in Campus

Let us know about your views and opinions in the comments below.

Sources: BBC NewsThe Telegraph, Mumbai Mirror

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