Airports are my favourite place to be. No seriously. They truly are a special and vibrant place where you see people from literally every culture, race, religion, age, gender, all trying to get to some place or arriving at their destination.

Having spent a large part of my life there since literally the day I was born, airports hold a special meaning for me. One of the few happy and exhilarating moments in my life have been the take-off of a plane, when the wheels leave the ground, and you just go up.

But, these days, unfortunately, the very airports have become a place of irritation and one that I just want to leave as soon as I can.

Sure the Delhi IGI airport might be one of the best ones in the entire world, but that and several other airports don’t really feel all that great to me.

Let me list out a few things that have started to irritate me about airports:

#1. No Seats:

It seems that every time I go to an airport, the seating area keeps getting smaller and smaller. To be frank, I understand that airports are where people have to move quickly and don’t really have to time to sit down, however, there are times when perhaps you might be a bit early, or miss out on a flight and have to wait for the next one.

In those cases, it really frustrates me that there are few seats available that they are mostly occupied almost all the time.

You then have to create your trolley into a makeshift seat and use it for the time being.

The only place you can get seats are at the eateries but for that, you need to check-in and go through security.

My issue is with there being such a short number of seats around the check-in area.

#2. Rude Staff:

Another problem that might be a little worse than less seats would be the quality of ground staff I see around the airport.

There are certain types of them, those who walk around with a blank face and if you mistakenly stop them they know literally nothing about anything that involves the airport services. Whether it be the check-in lane for a certain airline, washrooms, wi-fi, anything.

Then there are the ones who walk in groups and literally walk right past you while you are trying to handle your luggage and get their attention at the same time.

Then there are the rude ones, who make you feel like the most idiotic person for not knowing something and talk to you in a very high and mighty manner of way.

Even then, they are of little to no help to you and you are left floundering for a way to solve your problem.

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#3. Fewer Places To Eat:

This one I do not have as much knowledge about, although would say that the Bangalore airport has got a good collection of places from where you can have a good meal if you are waiting for boarding.

But specifically for the IGI Airport, there are very few places to eat, one would be the food court, the McDonald’s and one or two café here and there. Even in the food court, you don’t really have that many options and only one south Indian joint has some filling and good food to serve.


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