Imagination is the tool of creation. Whatever you can imagine either exists or will come to be. So imagine beyond boundaries, reach for the stars. Make the universe the playground of your imagination. Want to have the best experience, use your imagination.

I enjoy letting my imagination flow. I also admire and respect yogis and yoga. So I chose a subject – Vital Knowledge of yog which, it is said, is the science of human spirit. A science we tend to neglect, but shouldn’t. I knew the subject would feed my imagination. So I went deeper into a rare aspect of this Vital Knowledge which bestows siddhi. Why? 

Because believing that this complex aspect of Vital Knowledge can be understood, and come to be, is difficult. It is a colossal task. I, however, wanted to make it believable. To do this I had to make it fascinating, but realistic and exciting. Hence my fantastical novel ‘Dwandv’. Go ahead, test my imagination and see where ‘Dwandv’ takes you.” Says Dinkar Goswami, author of ‘Dwandv: The Battle for the Gate’ a high octane yoga action thriller.

Historically Earth was devasted around 13000 years ago by some extinction-level event. In his novel Dwandv, Goswami attributes this devastation to an ancient cosmic war above Earth between Deva and Asura. A war to find complete Vital Knowledge that bestows siddhi, god-like cosmic powers. Vital Knowledge, believed by Asura, to be hidden on Earth. This is the precursor to a modern-day dwandv that lauds the indomitable spirit of modern women who refuse to give up against all odds. 

Marked by the Asura, Goswami’s modern day protagonist Gerua is a young American woman with Indian roots. Gerua travels from the US to India, in search of the knowledge of yoga on the behest of a dear friend, unaware that providence is trailing her. In India, she is ravaged with tragedy by design of a sinister paranormal master yogi backed by the Asura. This super Siddha yogi called Bubba searches for Vital Knowledge on Earth once again on Asura mandate.

Broken but alive, Gerua is chosen to receive Vital Knowledge by ancient masters in an obscure ashram hidden on Himalayan peaks. She must endure by making the right choice and rise to face superhuman odds to save devastation on Earth once again. Though bestowed with siddhi, she is forbidden from using it. Using her mortal skills, she takes the reader through a hidden fantastical world in the Himalayas filled with yoga super masters, fantastic creatures and immortals whom she must befriend to battle Bubba and his uncanny army. She has to outwit Bubba and his paranormal legions at every twist and turn as she searches for a space and time traversing, shape-changing gate to the cosmic realm of Lord of Vital Knowledge. A gate that will take her five-year-old son away from her so that he may become a super Siddha and maha yodha. An act of self-sacrifice that will be the ultimate test of Gerua’s resolve and her motherly love. 

Gerua’s unique journey is simply amazingly epic. It will set your heart racing.

‘Dwandv’ is available on Amazon and Flipkart. It is preluded by a trailer accessible here.

Price: Rs. 399

Pages: 320

About the author

Dinkar Goswami is a son of an economist and an artist who is also an art teacher. Dinkar was influenced by his yogi grandfather at an early age who helped him realize the importance of understanding the human spirit, and how to develop this through yoga. This has become the theme for his book “Dwandv”. Dinkar is a Barrister and also a graduate in English Literature and is now focusing his attention to creative writing.


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