Make-up artists are experts at using make-up compounds to tint, conceal, or otherwise alter a person’s look for the purpose of beautification.

“When you look beautiful, and it’s that kind of happiness that I try to give to women every day.”- Aditya

History of Aditya Kumar Sharma that made a rising star in the makeup industry —-

Aditya Kumar Sharma, an epitome of success and inspiration is a renowned and well-established name in the make-up industry. His innovative and always evolving distinct make-up style and much in demand for his flawless work. His success has come after a lot of hard work and struggle which is unknown to many people. 

In childhood, his parents gave him the nickname “Adi”. Having lost his parents at an early age, backed his modest background. He was left with 2 sisters’ responsibility. Aditya grew up doing petty jobs to sustain himself. Right from his early days, he had an interest in the world of beauty and make-up. He always dreamt of making a career out of it in his future aspects, So he starts learning and implementing his innovative ideas in the journey of his career. With a small amount of saving he started a beginner’s course in make-up which was the base of his career as a make-up artist. After gaining some on-ground experience as a free-lancer he went onto taking up a professional course at the Balaji Group of Institutions, Faizabad. Then there was no stopping him, he moved on to work with esteemed banners like SaReGaMa, ZeeTv, and various other shows where he styled numerous contestants as well as jury members. He continued to perform his exquisite make-up skills on celebrities like Himesh Reshammiya, Raveena Tandon, Neha Kakkar, Pooja Gaur, Ridhi Dogra, Aditya Narayan, Mohit Malik, Samiksha Jaiswal, Ratan Rajput and wishes to put his skills into use and style Kangana Ranaut. Since then he has been hosting various makeup seminars and workshops to take his art forward and keep evolving with the latest trends. Having learned the basics and experiences, he went ahead and completed a professional course from Mumbai and since then took off and he became a recognized face in the glamour world.

He was born on 20-08-1995. His birthplace and hometown are Ambedkar Nagar. He is an Indian. He has done his schooling at Ambedkar Nagar and College at Awadh University Faizabad. His hobbies are makeup, hairstyling, fashion stylist, dress designing, cooking, etc.

He is a Graduate and now a Recognized Celebrity in the Make-up and Hairstyle industry.

His Achievements:


Best Bridal & Celebrity Makeup Artist in 2018: “The National Level Ravishing Design Awards” presented to him by Dia Mirza

He did work in “SAREGAMAPA LIL Champs “as a make-up artist a freelancer.

And after 1 session he was honored as a “Best Freelancer Make-up award” by Raveena Tandon in 2017.

In the year 2017 Aditya worked as MUA &NBSP with aplomb; in the ZEE RISHTEY AWARD SHOW, where he did the makeup of noted personalities like Mohit Malik, Samiksha Jaiswal, Ratan Rajput, Abhishek Rawat, Singer Rahul Vaidya, Hiten Tejwani,   Vaishnavi Mahant, Shana Sheikh.

And many more.

Then he was Entitled with 

                    “CELEBRITY MAKE-UP ARTIST”

Aditya Kumar Sharma—The Make-up Artist states the Importance of Make-up in A Woman’s life

In a woman’s life make –up plays an important role. It helps in beauty enhancer for a woman‘s natural beauty. They want to look more attractive and notable among the crowd. Women feel that they may not achieve what they are craving for or treated differently if they go barefaced. It is the culture and society which drives them to think this way, and looking pretty is considered necessary.

It adds extra elegance to our appearance and makes us feel more comfortable and confident. 

His Beliefs:

  • He believes that Indian brides are very special and make sure every bride feels special on her wedding day.
  • Aditya believes one should welcome any type of criticism.
  • He is very gentle and polite on sets with people and easily adapts to any changes according to the demands of the person or character.
  • He says he will keep evolving as notions of makeup keep changing.

Aditya’s make-up philosophy is “Make-up is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self.”

Aditya knows how to get the look right for any kind of event and is one of the most popular makeup artists today. His makeup is subtle yet classy. Aditya is hands-on when it comes to makeup and will give you the best experience for your hair-styling and makeup which you all will cherish. Aditya has immense experience when it comes to hairstyling and make-up.

His hard work and willingness to do something have made him what he is today.

He now lives in Maha Nagar Lucknow. He always desires to set up his own Make-up Studio in his hometown and offers services for celebrities under his supervision. Aditya has his own makeup studio in Lucknow named “Aditya Makeup Studio Academy & Unisex Salon” and he takes pride to have brought such respect and recognition to the town where his roots are.

A Journey from “Adi” to Aditiya Kumar Sharma — The makeup & Hairstyle Artist has gained many reviews on social media:

  • It was an amazing experience. They provide the best services to their clients with professional skills, courtesy, Aditya is an excellent makeup artist! He made my special day memorable. Got so many compliments because of him. 
  • He is very patient and understands what we actually want. 
  • I would suggest everyone go for him!! and a smile. 
  • I’m really happy with their service.
  • Aditya is so far the best beauty makeup artist I’ve come across. The best part is that he pays great attention to what kind of makeup customer is looking for and does it with perfection. Highly creative with hairstyles and eye makeup! He knows very well how to accentuate a client’s features and compliment the look. Got mine and mom’s makeup done from him for my engagement and wedding and I was delighted with the looks. I would highly recommend him for makeup. Cheers!



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