Watch: World’s Largest Stock Markets

In a normal market, goods like groceries and clothes are traded for money. They are tangible goods and in exchange for money, one gets a physical commodity they can touch. However, there is another market that deals with intangible products, yet attracts thousands of customers each year.

The share market is the market where shares of companies, i.e. securities issued by the companies in the forms of equity shares, preference shares, debentures, etc. are traded. These trades involve huge sums of money and the exchanges somewhat drive the economy.

The transactions, which are highly affected by political, social, governmental, and financial aspects of a country, can make or break a country’s economy. It also portrays, to an extent, investors’ interest in the country and its companies.

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Thus, it would be fit to say that stock markets are important to a country’s economy.

In this video, we will know about the largest stock markets in the world.


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