You heard me right. It’s 2017 and now you can buy yourself a sweet new ride right from a car vending machine. Click, swipe, lock, vroom!

Where is this miracle machine located? Singapore, the chart-topping urban paradise on earth. According to NDTV reports, “Autobahn Motors’ new car showroom, dubbed the “world’s largest luxury car vending machine,” offers up high-end cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Porsches. … opened in December, can hold up to 60 different supercars at a time.

Customers on the ground floor choose which car they want to see and the car of their choice arrives within a maximum of two minutes thanks to an advanced vehicle retrieval system.”

Sweet. right?

Right Out of a Jetsons’ Episode, I Tell You!

You see, this just might be the best case scenario for future retail, because the people at Autobahn Motors came up with this idea to save space, to facilitate the maximal showroom space within the minimal real estate value.

Creativity and innovation, that is what Gary Hong, the general manager at Autobahn Motors claims this venture was all about and it delivers so outstandingly well.

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The internet has been pretty pumped about it, naturally, as have been various other developers who want to borrow this concept to diversify car parking solutions all around the world. At a time when vehicles are multiplying on the road by the million, this is a steal-worthy idea.

Now, Will We Ever have Something Like This in India?

We can wish for it, and if the wish fairy is kind then the posh and the rich here at home can update more pointless Instagram posts about it. I’ll tell you what kind of vending machines we really need in India: we need machines that dispense condoms, sanitary napkins, tissues, old books, and yeah, food and water!

Ah, umm. We need more vending machines to begin with.

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